Media Expertise -- History -- A

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Professor Samer Akkach Arab-Islamic art, design and culture; history and theory of Islamic art, architecture and landscape; intellectual history of early modernity, Arab-Islamic and Ottoman; Socio-urban history of Middle Eastern cities during the early modern period; Islamic science and cosmology (pre- and post-Copernican traditions), philosophy (pre- and early modern), and mysticism (pre- and early modern.
Emerita Professor Margaret Allen Women (especially Australian women's history);
19th century Australian women writers;
India - Australian links in the late 19th-early 20th century
History of Indians living Australia c 1880-1940
Women and work
Critical Race and Whiteness Studies
Professor Rachel Ankeny History/philosophy of science; history and culture of food; bioethics; food ethics; science policy; public understanding of science; public engagement; deliberative democratic approaches;

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