Media Expertise -- Information Technology

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Professor Michael Brooks Artificial intelligence; computer science; computer vision
Professor Anthony Williams High energy physics; particle physics; nuclear physics; computational physics; quantum physics; supercomputers; theoretical and mathematical physics; eResearch; ICT tools for research.
Associate Professor Nickolas Falkner teaching technology; computer networking; higher education; teaching; teaching approaches; computer security; information management; data science; data scientist; distributed computing; advanced teaching; student engagement; winemaking
Dr Aneta Neumann Artificial Intelligence; machine learning; optimisation; mining under uncertainty; bio-inspired optimisation; multi-objective optimisation; heuristic search; computational creativity; digital art;
Associate Professor Hung Nguyen Network measurement, Network Security, Communication network protocol, Network Management
Professor Matthew Roughan Internet, network performance, network efficiency, network optimisation, network measurement, stochastic modelling, random processes, network statistics, cyber-security, network security, cyber-privacy and anonymity
Dr Matthew Sorell Multimedia; telecommunications; mobile; broadband; 3G; Convergence

Forensic investigation techniques for multimedia and computer data (research and expert witness)

Also: English Bellringing in Australia

The Music of Mike Oldfield and David Bedford
Associate Professor Markus Wagner optimisation; renewable energy; wind farms; search-based software engineering; professional cycling; bio-inspired optimisation; heuristic search; algorithm design; multi-objective optimisation; foundational research; algorithm engineering
Dr Ehsan Abbasnejad artificial intelligence, machine learning, generative models.
Dr Malcolm Pattinson Cyber security
Information Security
Information Warfare
Risk Management
Human Aspects of Information Security
IT Governance

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