Media Expertise -- Language & Literacy

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Associate Professor Rob Amery Kaurna language; Language revival; Language reclamation; Indigenous languages; Endangered languages; Kaurna placenames; Indigenous languages in education
Emeritus Professor Tom Burton The English language (its history, usage, pronunciation, dialects, and varieties); dictionaries; medieval English literature; poetry (excluding Free Verse)
Dr Jacqueline Clarke Latin and Ancient Greek; Greek and Roman Poetry; Emotions in Antiquity; Colours in Antiquity; Early Christian Poets
Dr Lucy Potter Christopher Marlowe; early modern tragedy; Shakespeare; the critical history of catharsis; dramatic theory; the development of Renaissance literary theory; Virgil's Aeneid, Ecphrasis; pedagogy in practice; English as a second language (ESL); English grammar and language; effective business communications
Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann HOW SHIFT HAPPENS; Cultural contact as manifested in language; Etymology, word origin, loans, borrowing, how new words emerge; language, society, identity and religion; Language revival and survival (Hebrew, Maori, Barngarla, Aboriginal languages, Hawai'i), English as the world's language, cross-cultural (mis)communication, mixed languages, Israel, Yiddish, Middle East, Jewish languages, hybridit

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