Media Expertise -- Mathematics & Statistics

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Dr Andrew Coyle mathematical modelling
communications systems
Professor Nigel Bean Mathematical modelling; maths in industry; operations research; probability; stochastic modelling; structure modelling; telecommunications
Professor Derek Abbott T-rays; terahertz technology; lasers; biophtonics; biosensing; bioinformatics; platonism in science; nature of physics; quantum mechanics; game theory; puzzles; games of chance; probability; code cracking; authorship detection; what is scientific research?; problem solving; complex systems; biomedical engineering; vision systems; how to solve the world's energy needs?; order from randomness.
Associate Professor Hung Nguyen Network measurement, Network Security, Communication network protocol, Network Management
Professor Lyle Palmer Genetic epidemiology; global health; public health; translational health; genome-wide association studies (GWAS); genetic statistics
Professor Matthew Roughan Internet, network performance, network efficiency, network optimisation, network measurement, stochastic modelling, random processes, network statistics, cyber-security, network security, cyber-privacy and anonymity

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