Media Expertise -- Medicine & Medical Research -- C

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Professor Jennifer Couper Paediatrics; diabetes; endocrinology
Ms Monique Chilver vaccination; influenza; surveillance; vaccine effectiveness; flu, respiratory viruses, infectious diseases; communicable diseases
Associate Professor Lyndsey Collins-Praino Neuroscience; Alzheimer's disease; Parkinson's disease; ageing; Neuroanatomy; Neuropathology; cognition; inflammation; memory; prevention of cognitive decline; dementia; Immunology; Pharmacology; drug development; preclinical trials; cytokine; astrocyte; microglia; dopamine; acetylcholine; adenosine; hippocampus; basal ganglia; neurochemistry; neurotransmitter release; women in science; community outreach; university teaching
Dr Richard Couper Paediatrics
Dr Brendon Coventry Melanoma; breast cancer; surgery; surgical oncology; vaccine treatment of cancer; skin cancer; immunology; immune system and cancer; cancer treatment; surgical complications; clinical skills; epidemiology

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