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Professor Shaun McColl Rheumatoid arthritis (molecular biology of, especially the role of chemokine networks in acute and chronic inflammatory processes); proteomics (study of proteins, links with cancer and other diseases); MS; multiple sclerosis; autoimmune diseases (molecular biology of, especially the role of chemokine networks in acute and chronic inflammatory processes); proteins (study of proteins, links with cancer and other diseases)
Professor Guy Maddern Surgery
Professor Sandy McFarlane post traumatic stress disorder; anxiety; trauma; PTSD; military; DSM-IV; psychophysiology; somatic; disasters; bushfire; bushfires; Ash Wednesday; psychology; psychiatry
Professor Tracy Merlin Evidence-based health care; Evidence-based health policy; Health technology assessment (HTA); systematic literature reviews; meta-analysis; Diagnostic tests;
Personalised medicine; Developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; Disinvestment methodology and processes
Dr Afzal Mahmood Community development; public health; health management information systems; health systems development; international health; reproductive health systems
Professor Jane Mathias Alzheimer's Disease; brain damage (cognitive and behavioural consequences); severe brain damage; mild brain damage; traumatic brain injury; neuropsychology; Parkinson's Disease; clinical neuropsychology (brain damage; traumatic brain injury; Alzheimer's Disease; Parkinson's Disease); psychology
Mr Paul McLiesh Orthopaedic Nursing Education & Practice
Associate Professor Julian McNeil musculoskeletal manifestations of diabetes
veteran cars (1900-1918)
Professor Vivienne Moore Research in social and behavioural influences on health and life-course perspectives; epidemiology
Associate Professor Renato Morona microbiology; bacteria; disease; molecular biology; lipopolysaccharides; outer memrbane proteins; virulence; bacterial pathogenesis; shigella; dysentery; salmonella;
Associate Professor John Moss Health economics and health services research
Dr Ian Musgrave Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration, neuropharmacology, amyloid, antioxidants, natural products as drugs, toxicology, toxicology of natural products, herbal medicine toxicology, molecular toxicology, molecular pharmacology, receptor structure and function, Pharmacology Teaching

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