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Professor Sarah Robertson reproductive biology and function; infertility (implantation failure, recurrent spontaneous abortion, uterine receptivity); embryo (in vitro culture, growth factors, IVF); Pregnancy (immunology of pregnancy, early pregnancy, embryo implantation, insemination and pregnancy, animal models)
Professor Ray Rodgers Reproduction; ovary; fertility; polycystic ovary syndrome; PCOS; estrogen; progesterone; infertility
none registered W E W Roediger Cancer of the large bowel; inflammatory bowel disease; medicine (inflammatory bowel disease; cancer of the large bowel)
Associate Professor Paul Rothmore Ergonomics; Occupational Health & Safety; Work-related Injury; Musculoskeletal Injury; Older Workers
Professor Richard Ruffin Asthma; Lung volume reduction surgery (criteria, technique, results); drug treatments; drugs (therapeutic); CORP (prevalence management_
Emeritus Professor Philip Ryan Epidemiological modelling

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