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Professor David Saint Physiology (cellular basis of excitability); biophysics; genetic engineering; cloning; cell division; development genetics; development biology; pharmacology (antiarrhythmic drugs); ion channels; biophysics (cellular basis of excitability)
Associate Professor John Semmler Neuroplasticity; Human Movement; Exercise and Brain Function
Associate Professor Zumin Shi diet;nutrition;soft drink;dietary patterns;chronic diseases;epidemiology;diabetes;obesity;anemia;asthma;adolescent;
Dr Scott Smid gastrointestinal medicine; Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis; medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabinoids; neurodegeneration; natural products and pharmacognosy, neuroprotection and Alzheimer's disease
Dr Jackie Street community engagement in public health and policy decisions on funding for health technologies;
obesity prevention through regulation and law;
Dr Cindy Stern evidence-based health care; systematic review; aged care; evidence synthesis; global health

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