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Dr Adrian Abdo endothelial cells; endothelial dysfunction; cardiovascular disease; nitric oxide; free radicals; biochemistry; physiology; zinc; smoking; endothelin-1
Professor John Beltrame Coronary spasm; coronary microvascular disease; angina; ischaemic heart disease
Professor Peng Bi Climate change and population health; environmental epidemiology; infectious disease epidemiology
Professor Joanne Bowen mucositis; chemotherapy; radiotherapy; cancer; gut; intestine; transcriptomics; inflammation; rodent models of disease
Dr Femke Buisman-Pijlman addiction, individual differences in behaviour, neurobiology, oxytocin, social interaction, stress, alcohol, drugs, long-term impact early adversity, social neuroscience, neuroscience, online learning, professional development for health professionals
Ms Monique Chilver vaccination; influenza; surveillance; vaccine effectiveness; flu, respiratory viruses, infectious diseases; communicable diseases
Associate Professor Lyndsey Collins-Praino Neuroscience; Alzheimer's disease; Parkinson's disease; ageing; Neuroanatomy; Neuropathology; cognition; inflammation; memory; prevention of cognitive decline; dementia; Immunology; Pharmacology; drug development; preclinical trials; cytokine; astrocyte; microglia; dopamine; acetylcholine; adenosine; hippocampus; basal ganglia; neurochemistry; neurotransmitter release; women in science; community outreach; university teaching
Dr Richard Couper Paediatrics
Dr Brendon Coventry Melanoma; breast cancer; surgery; surgical oncology; vaccine treatment of cancer; skin cancer; immunology; immune system and cancer; cancer treatment; surgical complications; clinical skills; epidemiology
Professor Michael Davies Epidemiology, fertility, human reproduction, social structure, assisted reproduction, assisted reproduction technologies, birth defects from assisted reproduction
Mr Peter Devitt Upper gastrointestinal disease; laparascopic surgical techniques; medicine; surgery; antireflux surgery; reflux; endoscopy; cancer of the oesophagus; oesophagectomy
Professor Cherrie Galletly Memory; Working memory (and its effects on schizophrenia); schizophrenia among young people; schizophrenia; youth; academic psychiatry; PTSD; professional boundaries; obesity; medicolegal
Dr Mounir Ghabriel Multimedia in teaching the anatomy of the human body; blood vessels of the brain in health and disease; Blood-brain barrier, Head trauma

Cereral oedema in brain trauma research
Dr Mark Gibson Cell and molecular biology (of elastic fibres); congenital disorders of connective tissues; extracellular matrix biology
Professor Michael Gold Allergy; the immune system and cancer; paediatrics
Emeritus Professor Alastair Goss Cancer (oral); oral cancer; oral and maxillofacial surgery; trauma; dentistry; chronic face pain; dentistry (oral and maxillofacial surgery); bisphosphonates; osteonecrosis of the jaws (ONJ); ONJ; independent medicolegal assessment;
Professor Leonie Heilbronn Obesity; fasting; weight loss; nutrition; diabetes risk; developmental origins of disease; fat cells
Professor Gordon Howarth Animal models;gastrointestinal disease;bioactives;nutraceuticals;plant extracts;animal oils;probiotics;prebiotics;synbiotics;digestive health
Professor Glyn Jamieson Upper gastrointestinal disease; laparascopic surgical techniques; reflux disease; liver surgery; antireflux surgery; cancer of the oesophagus; oesophagectomy; upper gastrointestinal surgery
Adjunct Professor Jonathan Karnon cost-effectiveness analysis; health technology assessment; decision analytic modeling; quality improvement

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