Dr Fatemeh Emadi

Dr Fatemeh Emadi
 Position Academic Staff
 Org Unit Administration Office
 Email fatemeh.emadi@adelaide.edu.au
 Location ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Emadi is an associate supervisor of undergraduate students on their research placement at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, The University of Adelaide. Dr Emadi received her PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) and Master of Public Health (MPH) from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), Iran. During her education, she worked as a research assistant at the pharmaceutical biotechnology research centre, SUMS. 

    After graduation, she joined Amir Oncology Hospital, SUMS as a hospital pharmacist, which inspired her to continue her higher education in cancer research. Since 2020, Fatemeh has started her PhD at the drug discovery and development department, University of South Australia (UniSA), Australia. Her projects focus on the evaluation of novel kinase inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. 


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    University of Adelaide Researcher Profile: https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/fatemeh.emadi

    Google Scholarhttps://scholar.google.com/citations?user=C050rPgAAAAJ&hl=en



  • Research Interests

    Cancer Research:

    Cancer Therapy, Cancer Biology, Immuno-Oncology, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Kinase Inhibitors.


    Public Health Research:

    Health Technology Assessment, Health Economy, Health Policy, Pharmacoepidemiology.

  • Publications

    Ghanbarzadegan A, Bastani P, Emadi F, Mohammadpour M, Pourmohammadi K, Javanmardi S. The Requirements of Developing Countries' Health Systems Facing with COVID-19: A Case Study of Iran. European Journal of Public Health. 2020 Sep;30(Supplement_5):ckaa165-206.


    Emadi F, Teo T, Rahaman MH, Wang S. CDK12: a potential therapeutic target in cancer. Drug Discovery Today. 2020 Dec 1;25(12):2257-67.


    Emadi F, Amini A, Gholami A, Ghasemi Y. Functionalized graphene oxide with chitosan for protein nanocarriers to protect against enzymatic cleavage and retain collagenase activity.Scientific reports. 2017 Feb 10;7:42258. 


    Emadi F, Amini A, Ghasemi Y, Gholami A. Graphene: recent advances in engineering, medical and biological sciences, and future prospective. Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2018, Aug31;4(3):131-8. 


    Emadi F, Emadi A, Gholami A. A comprehensive insight towards pharmaceutical aspects of graphene nanosheets. Current pharmaceutical biotechnology. 2020 Sep  1;21(11):1016-27.


    Gholami A, Emadi F, Nazem M, Aghayi R, Khalvati B, Amini A, Ghasemi Y. Expression of key apoptotic genes in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line treated with etoposide-loaded graphene oxide. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2020 Jun 1;57:10172.


    Gholami A, Emadi F, Amini A, Shokripour M, Chashmpoosh M, Omidifar N.  Functionalization of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Can Reduce Their Cytotoxicity to Dental Pulp Stem Cells. Journal of Nanomaterials. 2020 Aug 3;2020.


    Lotfi F, Talebianpour H, Keshavarz K, Emadi F, Bordbar MR, Bastani P. Cost-utility analysis of factor VIII diet therapies prepared using blood plasma vs. recombinant technique for patients with hemophilia A. DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2020 Jun;28(1):287-93. 

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