Dr Grant Cox

Dr Grant Cox
  • Qualifications

    Ph.D. - McGill University, Canada

    Honors - University of Adelaide, Australia

    Bachelor of Science – Geology & Chemistry - University of Adelaide, Australia

    Bachelor of Commerce - Charles Sturt University

  • Awards & Achievements

    2012 – Vanier of Canada (NRC-Canada) Fellowship

    2011 – Robert Wares Fellowship

    2011 – GEOTOP Fellowship

    2010 – GEOTOP Fellowship

    2009 – Tate Medal (University of Adelaide)

  • Research Interests

    My primary interest is the geochemistry of geological samples and what chemistry can tell us about elemental cycling within the earth system. Specifically, my research focusses on the interaction between solid earth processes and biogeochimical cycling. Currently I am working on the rise of atmospheric oxygen and the biogeochemistry of Precambrian basins. The geochemistry utilised as a part of this work includes traditional major and trace element analysis as well as stable (C, N, Fe, Cr) and radiogenic isotopes (U/Pb, Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr).

  • Publications

    Submitted Papers

    Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P, Denysyn, S., Shoshonitic rift volcanism and melting of SCLM. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Submitted.

    Cox, G.M., Foden, J, Collins, A.S., Late Neoproterozoic Adakitic Magmatism of the Eastern Arabian Nubian Shield, Geoscience Frontiers, Submitted.

    Cox, G.M., Mitchell, R., Was the rise of atmospheric oxygen an inside job? Geology, In Review.

    Cox, G.M., Mitchell, R., Coupling between plume magmatism, supercontinents and biogeochemical cycles? Nature Communications, Invited Resubmission.

    Mitchell, R., Cox, G.M., Li, Z-X., Spencer, C., Kirscher, U., Zhang, N., Murphy, B.J., Asimow, P., Birth of the supercontinent cycle and a Proterozoic planetary state shift. Nature, In Review.

    Published Papers

    Hoffman, P.F., Benn, D., Tziperman, E., Abbot, D., Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P., Snowball Earth climate dynamics and Cryogenian geology-geobiology, Science Advances, ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT.

    Dehler, C., Gehrels, G., Porter, S., Heizler, M., Karlstrom, K., Cox, G.M., Crossey, L., Timmons, M., 2017, Correlation of the mid-Neoproterozoic Chuar Group, Uinta Mountain Group, and Pahrump Group (ChUMP strata), western U.S:  Implications for a changing Earth System at ca. 740-780 Ma: GSA Bulletin, IN PRESS.

    Cox, G.M., Crockford, P.W., Halverson, G.P., Jarrett, A., Edwards, D., Collins, A.S. Poirier, A., Li, Z-X., 2016, Basin Redox and Primary Productivity in the Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway, Chemical Geology, v 440, p101-114. 

    Cox, G.M., Griffin, J., Miller, V., Garthwaite, M., 2016, Tsunamigenic potential of the Kerguelen Plateau, Geoscience Australia Record 2016/09.

    Cox, G. M., Halverson, G. P., Stevenson, R. S., Vokaty, M., Poirier, A., Kunzmann, M., Li, Z.-X., Dudás, F. Ö., Strauss, J. V., and Macdonald, F. A., 2016, Continental flood basalt weathering as a trigger for Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v446, p89-99.

    Cox, G. M., Halverson, G. P., Poirier, A., Le Heron, D.P., Struass, J.V., Stevenson, R. S., 2016, A model for Cryogenian iron formation: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v433, p280-292.

    Macdonald, F. A., Eyster, A. E., and Cox, G. M., 2015, The Franklin Large Igneous Province and Initiation of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Glaciation: http://www.largeigneousprovinces.org, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.

    Cox, G. M., Strauss, J. V., Halverson, G. P., Schmitz, M. D., McClelland, W. C., Stevenson, R. S., and Macdonald, F. A., 2015, Kikiktat Volcanics of Arctic Alaska – Melting of harzburgitic mantle associated with the Franklin Large Igneous Province: Lithosphere, 7, 3, pg. 275-295.

    Cox, G. M., Halverson, G. P., Minarik, W. G., Le Heron, D. P., Macdonald, F. A., Bellefroid, E. J., and Strauss, J. V., 2013, Neoproterozoic iron formation: An evaluation of its temporal, environmental and tectonic significance: Chemical Geology, v. 362, no. 0, p. 232-249.

    Cox, G. M., Roots, C. F., Halverson, G. P., Minarik, W. G., Macdonald, F. A., and Hubert-Theou, L., 2013, Mount Harper Volcanic Complex, Ogilvie Mountains: A far-flung occurrence of the Franklin igneous event?, in MacFarlane, K. E., Nordling, M. G., and Sack, P. J., eds., Yukon Exploration Geology 2012: Whitehorse, Yukon Geological Survey, p. 19-36.

    Badr, M.J., Collins, A.S., Masioudi, F., Cox, G.M., Mohajjel, M. (2013) The U-Pb age, geochemistry and tectonic significance of granitoids in the Soursat Complex, Northwest Iran. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 22(1): p1-31.

    Macdonald, F. A., Halverson, G. P., Strauss, J. V., Smith, E. F., Cox, G. M., Sperling, E. A., and Roots, C. F., 2012, Early Neoproterozoic Basin Formation in Yukon, Canada: Implications for the make-up and break-up of Rodinia: Geoscience Canada, v. 39, p. 77-99.

    Cox, G. M., Lewis, C. J., Collins, A. S., Halverson, G. P., Jourdan, F., Foden, J., Nettle, D., and Kattan, F., 2012, Ediacaran terrane accretion within the Arabian-Nubian Shield: Gondwana Research, v. 21, p. 341-352.

    Hoffman, P.F., Halverson, G.P., Domack, E.W., Swanson-Hysell, N.L., and Maloof, A.C., Cox, G.M., 2012, Cryogenian glaciations on the southern tropical paleomargin of Laurentia (NE Svalbard and East Greenland), and a primary origin for the upper Russya (Islay) carbon isotope excursion: Precambrian Research, v. 206–207, p. 137–158.

    Cox, G. M., 2011, Jebel Tays ophiolitic thrust sheet, Saudi Arabia: Tectonic setting, petrogenesis and geochronological framework: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2010-6.

    Le Heron, D. P., Cox, G.M., Trundley, A., and Collins, A., 2011, Sea ice free conditions during the Sturtian glaciation (early Cryogenian), South Australia: Geology, v. 39, no. 1, p. 31-34.

    Le Heron, D. P., Cox, G.M., Trundley, A., and Collins, A. S., 2011, Two Cryogenian glacial successions compared: Aspects of the Sturt and Elatina sediment records of South Australia: Precambrian Research, v. 186.

    Macdonald, F.A., Smith, E.F., Strauss, J.V., Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P. and Roots, C.F., (2011) Neoproterozoic and early Paleozoic correlations in the western Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2010, K.E. MacFarlane, L.H. Weston and C. Relf (eds.), Yukon Geological Survey, p 161-182.

     Ph.D. Thesis

    Cox, G.M., 2015, Linking tectonics, LIP Emplacement and Environmental Change in the Cryogenian [P.h.D. Thesis]: McGill University, 301 p.

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