Professor Jacqueline Lo

Professor Jacqueline Lo
 Position Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)
 Org Unit Office of Academic and Student Engagement
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5902
 Location Floor/Room 6 ,  Old Classics Wing ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Professor Jacqueline Lo is the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) of the University of Adelaide. With considerable experience in academic governance and management, she provides leadership and oversight for all University international and internationalisation initiatives, with a particular focus on activities and partnerships of University-wide strategic importance that support and enhance the University’s growth objectives.

    Jacqueline is highly experienced in education and cultural policy & diplomacy, and is an active contributor to discussions within the university-sector. Her research focuses on issues of race, colonialism, diaspora and the interaction of cultures and communities across ethnic, national and regional borders. Publications include Staging Nation (HKUP 2002), Performance and Cosmopolitics (Palgrave Macmillan 2007, with Helen Gilbert). She has published extensively in areas of cross-cultural engagement and cultural studies in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. 

    Jacqueline was previously at the ANU, serving two terms as Chair of Academic Board, Executive Director of the Centre for European Studies, and previously Associate Dean (International) for the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences.

    She has also served on the committee for reviewing the ACT Arts Framework Policy and regularly conducted briefings for government and the diplomatic corps. Jacqueline has been visiting fellow at UCLA, NYU, the Free University of Berlin and Konstanz University, and DAAD Guest Professor at the University of Cologne. She is the Founding Chair of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network and a member of the NYU Global Arts Exchange Program. She was awarded the Chevalier Ordre des Palmes Académiques in 2014.

  • Qualifications

    PhD Literature (with Distinction): University of Western Australia

    BA (Hons): University of Western Australia

  • Awards & Achievements

    Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Public Policy and Outreach (2017, Australian National University)

    Chevalier des Ordre des Palmes Academique/Knight of the Academic Palms (2014, French Ministry of Education)

    Rob Jordan award (2008, Australasian Drama Studies Association)

    Marlis Thiersch Award for Research Excellence (2001, Australasian Drama Studies Association)

    Only Australian academic to have been funded by New York University’s Annual Global Arts Exchange (GAX) Research Program, 2013 to the present

  • Research Interests

    Jacqueline is presently completing a book on Asian Australian cultural politics, and is the investigator of three cuyrrent Jean Monnet research grants focusing on migration and integration (PPCEUMI), European public policy (EUROPOL) and the Centre for Excellence in EU-Australia Economic Relations.

    Her other research/teaching areas of interest include:

    • Cultural Theory
    • Cultural Studies
    • Multicultural, Intercultural And Cross Cultural Studies
    • Postcolonial Studies
    • Drama, Theatre And Performance Studies
    • Arts And Cultural Policy
    • Visual Arts And Crafts


  • Research Funding

    Recent Research Funding:

    Constructing Asia: Governance, Institutions and Identity (New Colombo Plan - for ANU)

    Water Policy Innovation Hub, European Commission Erasmus + Jean Monnet Research Project grant (Primary Investigator)

    Identifying Opportunities in EU-Australia Trade in Services (Primary Investigator)

    EU-Australia Centre for Excellence on Economic Cooperation (Primary Investigator)

    Europa Policy Labs (Primary Investigator)

    Policy, Politics, Culture: EU Migration and Integration (Primary Investigator)

    ANU Centre for European Studies 2014-2017, (Primary Investigator)

    Discussion Paper on Internationalism (Primary Investigator)

    Memory and Migration: German-Australian Dialogues in the Humanities (Primary Investigator)

    Australia and the European Union: A study of a changing trade and business relationship (Primary Investigator)

    Being Asian in Australia and the United States: Analysing Ethnic Representations in Visual Arts, Popular Culture, Academia and Community Festivals (Primary Investigator)


  • Publications

    Lo, J 2020 (forthcoming), ‘Can We Talk about Poland? Intergenerational Translations of Home’, in Susannah Radstone and Rita Wilson (ed.), Translating Worlds: Migration, Memory and Culture. Routledge


    Lo, J 2017, ‘Claiming place on the Global Stage: Brook Andrews and Vernon Ah Kee at the Bienniales’, in Helen Gilbert, J D Phillipson, Michelle H Raheja (ed.), In the Balance; Indigeneity, Performance, Globalization., Liverpool University Press


    McNaughton, A & Lo, J 2017, ''Mutual Evaluation': A new policy tool for dealing with 'Behind the Borders' Barriers', in Annmarie Elijah, Donald Kenyon, Karen Hussey and Pierre van der Eng (ed.), Australia, The European Union and the new trade agenda., ANU Press, Australia. pp. 163 - 181.


    Lo, J 2016, 'Diaspora, Art and Empathy', in Aleida Assmann and Ines Detmers (ed.), Empathy and its Limits, Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 202-216pp.


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  • Professional Associations

    University of Adelaide Agrifood and Wine Advisory Board 2020-present

    University of Sydney Professoriate Promotions Committee 2019-present

    Australian Institute of Company Directors 2017-present

    Australian Network of Chairs of Academic Boards and Senates 2016-present

    NSW/Territories Committee of Chairs of Academic Boards and Senates 2016-present

    Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 2015-present (Inaugural Co-chair)

    ACT Cultural Arts Policy Framework Reference Group 2015-present

    European Commission 2012-present

    Asian Australian Studies Research Network 2006-present (Founding Chair)

    Royal Holloway, University of London 2009-2015 (Advisory Board)

    International Network for Diasporic Asian Art Research 2009-2015 (Executive)

    EU Centres Network of Australian And New Zealand 2011-2014 (Chair)

    Assessment and Reporting Authority 2011-2011 (Advisor)

    Gallery 4a 2007-2011 (Advisory Committee)

  • Community Engagement

    Jacqueline has served on the following boards:

    • De Europa, European and Global Studies Journal (Turin, IT)
    • Themes in Theatre Series; Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas (Brill) (Leiden, NL)
    • Inter-Asia Cultural Studies; Journal of Australian Studies (Taylor & Francis) (Abingdon, GB)
    • Amerasia 2013 (UCLA) (Los Angeles, US)
    • Southeast Asian Arts Review (University of Malaya) (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
    • About Performance (University of Sydney) (Sydney, AU)
    • Arts and Humanities Series; Humanities Research Centre (ANU) (Canberra, AU)
    • Studies in Asia-Pacific “Mixed Race” (Peter Lang) (Bern, DE)
    • Australian Drama Studies (Canberra, AU)
    • Australian representative to Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Berlin, DE), 2016
    • Member of official delegation for Germany-Australia Strategic Partnership Dialogue (Berlin , DE) 2015

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