Mr Jeffrey Newman

Mr Jeffrey Newman
  • Biography/ Background

    My Research Project

    My project focusses on the decisions a planner makes when considering a greenfield development, with particular focus on optimising these decisions.  Pressures on developers have changed in the last few decades: environmental, economic and supply problems persist in the urban water context and is driving a new paradigm called integrated urban water management (IUWM). But the question remains: is IUWM the best society can do? The following research areas are planned in my doctoral research:

    • development of optimisation procedures for problems suited to a dynamic graph based structure. This procedure has application in many fields;
    • development of data mining procedures for multiobjective optimisation outcomes; and
    • development of guidelines and/or design tools for cluster scale urban water planning facilitating IUWM.


    Prof Graeme Dandy - School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Adelaide.

    Professor Holger Maier - School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Adelaide.

  • Qualifications

    2001-2004 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Biology at the University of Adelaide

  • Research Interests


    • Optimisation using evolutionary algorithms and other heuristics derived from nature:
      • Genetic algorithms
      • Ant colony algorithms
    • Sensitivity, risk and uncertainty analysis:
      • Monte Carlo simulation
    • Sustainability assessment and decision-making:
      • Multi-criteria decision analysis
    • Environmental design and management utilising process based models
      • Environmental differential equation modelling
      • Lake Eutrophication and Algal Blooms
      • Lake Sediment Nutrient Dynamics


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