Dr Jeffrey Yu

 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Business School Office
 Email jeffrey.yu@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 2073
 Location Floor/Room 12 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Teaching Interests

    § Corporate Finance: Theory & Practice (Third-year/Postgraduate)


    § Behavioral Finance: Theory & Practice (Third-year/Postgraduate)


    § Real Options and Corporate Investment Strategies (PhD/Postgraduate)


    §  Game/Contract Theory with Applications in Accounting and Finance (PhD/Postgraduate)

  • Research Interests

    §  Theoretical Models of Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, and Market Microstructure


    §  Executive Compensation, Earnings Management, Financial Disclosure


    § Behavioral Corporate Finance, Capital Budgeting, Real Options


    § Corporate Governance, Insider Trading, Liquidity


    § Ambiguity on Hedging and Risk Management, Banking Crises


    § Financial Innovation and Counterparty Risks in Financial Contracts

  • Publications




    §Production and Hedging with Optimism and Pessimism under Ambiguity” (with Donald Lien) International Review of Economics and Finance (2017), Vol. 50, pp. 122-135.


    • Corresponding Author

    • ABDC: A

    • SSCI-listed



    § “Interactive Reporting Bias Surrounding CEO Turnover”. European Accounting Review (2017), Vol. 26,pp. 239-282.  

    • Sole Author

    • Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC): A* 

    • SSCI-listed

    • Published by European Accounting Association

    • SSRN's Top Ten download list for “Disclosure & Accounting Information”


    § “Optimal Managerial Hedging and Contracting with Self-Esteem Concerns”(with 

       Chongwoo Choe and Donald Lien). International Review of Economics and Finance (2015), 

       Vol. 37, pp. 354-367.


    • Corresponding Author

    • ABDC: A

    • SSCI-listed



    § “Production and Hedging with Time-Inconsistent Preferences” (with Donald Lien)

      Journal of Futures Markets (2015), Vol. 35, No. 10, pp. 961-985. 

    • ABDC: A

    • SSCI-listed

    • SSRN's Top Ten download list for “Futures”



    § “CEO Overconfidence, CEO Compensation, and Earnings Manipulation”
      Journal of Management Accounting Research (2014), Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 167-193.   

    • Sole Author

    • Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA): A*

    • Published by American Accounting Association (AAA)

    • SSRN's Top Ten download list for “CEO & Executive Incentives & Corporate Governance”



    § “CEO Overconfidence and Overinvestment under Product Market Competition”
      Managerial and Decision Economics (2014), Vol. 35, Iss. 8, pp. 574-579.


    • Sole Author

    • Listed in EconLit (AEA). Published by the Association of Managerial Economists.

    • SSRN's Top Ten download list for “Investment in R&D & Innovation”


    § “Time-Inconsistent Investment with Financial Constraints and Cash Flow Hedging”(with

       Donald Lien). International Review of Financial Analysis (2014), Vol. 35, pp. 72-79.

    • ABDC: A

    • SSCI-listed


    § “ FDI Timing: Entry Cost Subsidy versus Tax Rate Reduction” (with Ta-Cheng Chang and  

       Chinn-Ping Fan), Economic Modelling (2007), Vol. 24, Iss. 2., pp. 262-271.    


    • First Author (not in alphabetical order);

    • ABDC: A

    • SSCI-listed



    Working Papers


    § “Board Independence, Monitoring, and CEO Pay Disparity”


    • SSRN's Top Ten download list for “Corporate Governance: Compensation of Executive & Directors”



    § “Tournaments and Project Selection under Ambiguity - A Bright Side of Risk-Taking” (with Birendra Rai)


    § “Product Market Competition and Multidimensional Managerial Incentives” (with CJ Sun)


    § “Tournament Incentives and Stock Liquidity – Theory and Evidence” (with Chee Chong and Ralf Zurbruegg)


    § “The Value of External Oversight: Evidence from Corruption in China” (with Yishu Fu and Ralf Zurbruegg)


    § “Rise of the uninformed: An analysis of the time-to-maturity pattern of information asymmetry and its impact on futures return volatility” (with Hoàng-Long Phan, Ralf Zurbruegg, and Paul Brockman)



    Work in Progress


    § “Curse or destiny: Superstition and stock price crash risk” (with Min Bai, Limin Xu, and Ralf Zurbruegg)


    • with some preliminary results


    § Delegated Portfolio Management and Ambiguity (with Donald Lien and Takeshi Yamada)


    • with some preliminary results



    §  Market Non-participation and Equity Premium under Ambiguity


    • with some preliminary results

    §  Organizational Forms, Communication, and Managerial Incentives (with Ching-Jen Sun)


    § CEO Pays and Markets using Signaling and Matching Models (with Birendra Rai)


    § Real Options with Agency Problems


    § CEO Turnover and Earnings Management in the presence of Social Preferences


    §  Bank Competition, Risk Taking, and the Stability in the Banking Industry



    Conference/Seminar Presentations


    “Product Market Competition and Multidimensional Managerial Incentives,” The Industrial Organization Theory Conference 2017, University of Melbourne.

    § “Production and Hedging with Optimism and Pessimism under Ambiguity,” The 23rd Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets 2015, Kaohsiung.


    § “Interactive Reporting Bias Surrounding CEO Turnover,” 2015 AFAANZ Annual Conference in Hobart; Seminar, School of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, Deakin University, Melbourne, September 2014.

    § “Hubris, CEO Compensation, and Earnings Manipulation,” The 25th Australian Finance and Banking Conference, University of New South Wales, Sydney, December 2012.

    § “CEO Turnover, Earnings Management, and Big Bath,” The 25th PhD Conference in Business and Economics, University of Western Australia, Perth, November 2012.

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