Dr John Carragher

Dr John Carragher
 Position FOODplus Commercial Development Manager
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Email john.carragher@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7290
 Mobile +61 4 1883 7640
 Location Floor/Room G 22 ,  Waite ,   Waite
  • Biography/ Background

    My lifelong interest in seafood and aquaculture has allowed me to develop a career pathway that includes 12 years in a variety of research and teaching positions in four Universities in three countries, 3 years working on stress in production animals in New Zealand, 6 years as a Principal Scientist within the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), to the last 1 year operating as a consultant, including a part-time role as commercialization manager of the FOODplus Research Centre. In my current roles I work to deliver approaches, processes and technologies that improve the quality and marketability of food and seafood products locally, nationally and internationally.  

  • Qualifications

    1989    Ph.D. (Brunel, UK) Fish Physiology

    1985    B.Sc (Hons) (Wales) Marine Biology

  • Research Interests

    ·        Designing, resourcing and managing complex, multi-disciplinary projects in seafood processing, product quality and value-adding, and aquaculture

    ·         Compiling, assimilating and distilling information on scientific issues to provide innovative solutions in applied and commercial aspects of food and seafood sectors

    ·         Providing expert advice to the seafood and food industry and developing close relationships with all stakeholders in both commerce and government

  • Publications

    Seafood Product Quality and Value-Adding:

    1. Carragher, J.F., Thomas, M. and Wilkinson, R.J. 2009. Yellowtail kingfish product quality: effects of maturation and harvest stress. Seafood CRC final report 2008/901. pp84.
    2. Carragher J., Madigan T., Raj M., Holds G. and May D. 2009. An evaluation of modified atmosphere packaging for live blue mussels. Prepared for Flinders Seafood Pty Ltd. Pp24
    3. Carragher J. and May D. 2009. A further evaluation of modified atmosphere packaging for live blue mussels. Prepared for Flinders Seafood Pty Ltd. Pp19
    4. Carragher J. and May D. 2010. Evaluation of an alternative biocide technology for seafood product range. Prepared for Angelakis Bros Pty Ltd. Pp38.
    5. Carragher, J.F. and Wilkinson, R.J. 2011. Understanding Yellowtail Kingfish:
      sub-project 2 – characterising maturation. Seafood CRC final report
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    11. Roberts, M.J., Carragher, J.F. and Benkendorff, K. 2009. Determining flesh quality attributes of under-valued large southern rocklobsters. FRDC final report 2003/242. pp134.

    Stress Responses in Fish:

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    Demonstrations that Stress affects Reproductive Function in Fish:

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    Reproductive Endocrinology of Fish:

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    Endocrinology of Growth in Fish:

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    Fish Physiology:

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    Other Aquaculture

    41.    Qin, J.G., Carragher, J.F. and Pearson, L. 1999. Response of Tetraselmis suecea to grazer and nutrient manipulation. J Applied Phycology 11: 481-485.

     Welfare of farm animals:

    42.    Carragher, J.F. 1996. ‘Pharm’ and ‘pharmed’ animals: welfare issues relevant to drug use in, and drug production by, farm animals. In Farm animals in biomedical and agricultural research. ANZCCART, 66-74.

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