Dr Kathie Muir

Dr Kathie Muir
 Position Adjunct Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Sociology, Criminology & Gender Studies
 Email kathie.muir@adelaide.edu.au
 Location ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Kathie Muir is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Gender, Studies and Social Analysis. Her teaching and research spans the areas of gender, labour, media and politics. She has published articles on the gendered representation of politicians in the media; the media campaigning of social movements; reporting the fashion industry; gender representation in trade unions; and labour and cultural work in both Australia and internationally.

  • Teaching Interests

    Media and Social Change,

    Fashion, Work and Identity,

    Image, Text and Representation

  • Research Interests

    Research interests:

    Kathie's continuing research focus is on Australian social movements' campaigning techniques compared to those of similar movements internationally. Additional research interests include gendered media reporting of Australian politicians; work and identity issues in the fashion and garment manufacturing industries. In previous years Kathie has worked in factories, in market research, local government, for the labour movement, the Australia Council and the Museum of Victoria.

  • Publications

    Selected Publications

    Muir, K. 2008, Worth Fighting For: Inside the Your Rights at Work Campaign Sydney, University of NSW Press

    Refereed Journal Articles & Conference Papers:

    Muir, K. (2013) ‘“Thugs and Bullies”: The deployment of rogue masculinity in the campaign for workers’ rights on site’, Australian Feminist Studies, Vol. 28 (1) pp. 30-49.

    Muir. K. (2012) 'Politics, protest and performativity: The Broome community's "No Gas on the Kimberley Coast" campaign', Australian Humanities Review Issue 53


    Muir, K. and D. Peetz, (2010) 'Not dead yet: the Australian union movement and the defeat of a government', Social Movement Studies, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 215-228.

    Muir, K. (2010) 'Your Rights at Work campaign: Australia's "most sophisticatedf political campiagn"', Labor History Vol. 51 (1) pp.55-70.

    Muir, K. 2006, 'Sky channel and the battle for Australians' hearts and minds: the ACTU's use of media in the rights at work campaign, in Chika Anyanwu, ed. Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation: Challenging Media and Communication in the 21st Century, Adelaide, Publisher: Australia and New Zealand Communication Association and the University of Adelaide.

    Muir, K. 2006, 'Fairness versus choice: the contested discourses of Australian and UnAustralian values in the industrial relations debate. UnAustralia, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference, < http://www.unaustralia.com/proceedings.php >.  [NB website no longer functional - see below for PDF of paper]

    Muir, K. 2005, 'Media darlings and falling stars: celebrity and the reporting of political leaders', Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, Vol. 2 (2) pp. 54-71. < www.wmin.ac.uk/mad/PDF/Muir.pdf >

    Muir, K. 2005, 'Political cares: gendered reporting of work and family issues in relation to Australian politicians', Australian Feminist Studies, Vol. 20, No 46, pp. 77-90.

    Muir, K. 2005, 'Bared flesh and sweated bodies: contested images of fashion in Australian newspapers', Australian Journalism Review, Vol. 27, no. 2, Dec. 2005, pp. 150-171.

    Muir, K. 2000, 'Tough Choices: Mass media accounts of women union leaders', Hecate, Vol. 26, No. 2 pp.10-30.

    Muir, K. 2000, 'Feminism and representations of union identity in Australian union banners of the 1980s and early 1990s', Labour History, No. 79, November, pp. 92-112.


    Selected Unrefereed Papers:

    Muir, K. 2008, ' "Working families", "union thugs" and activists: Identity and labour politics in the Australian Your Rights at Work campaign' , RC44-Labor Movements Re-defining Labor? Working Class Struggle & Movement Renewal, First ISA Forum of Sociology;Sociological Research and Public Debate, Barcelona, September.

    Muir, K. 2008, 'Families, Thugs and Fairness: Gender and Activism in the Australian Rights at Work Campaign', Lab-Fem2, Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europe and Beyond, Stockholm.

    Bailey, Janis and Kathie Muir, 2006, 'Popular culture and union struggle in the twenty-first century', unpublished paper presented at the & Work, Industrial Relations and Popular Culture Conference, Brisbane, 25 September 2006.

    Muir, Kathie, 2006, 'Mobilising Through the Big and Little Screens: The National Day of Community Protest, Sky Channel and the Work Choices Legislation, paper presented at AIRAANZ Conference, Adelaide, February 1-3.

    Muir, Kathie, 2005, 'Politics, celebrity and pack attacks', Culture Fix: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, Annual Conference, Sydney.

    Muir, Kathie, 2005, 'Fanning the flames: news media reporting of abortion October to December 2004', paper presented at Generations of Feminism Conference, AGSA, June 2005.

    Other non-refereed papers:
    Muir, K. 5 December 2008, 'We want justice at work' Canberra Times, p 15


    Muir, K, 26 February 2008, 'Nicole Cornes: celebrity candidate cut adrift', ABC Online,

    Muir, K. 2006, 'Artifiction: Rubbish, Ritual and Celebration', Textile: Fibre Forum, Vol. 25, Issue 2, No. 82, pp. 24-26.

    Muir, K. 2006, 'Artifiction: Wearable Art and Sticky Questions', catalogue essay on the work of Annabelle Collett, Inside SAM's Place, South Australian Museum, April 2006.

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  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesArts & Culture, Media & Journalism
    ExpertiseSocial inquiry; Representations of women in the media; representation of working people and trade unions in the media
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