Dr Lance Storm

Dr Lance Storm
 Position Visiting Research Fellow
 Org Unit Psychology
 Email lance.storm@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5230
 Location Floor/Room 2 48 ,  Hughes ,   North Terrace
  • Research Interests

    Anomalistic Psychology, including Parapsychology: (i) quantitative analyses of theories and constructs that attempt to explain alleged paranormal phenomena (a.k.a. psi), (ii) quantitative investigations into the psychology of paranormal belief (e.g., testing correlates of psi belief), and (iii) interpretations of alleged paranormal phenomena in academia and the wider community.

    Personality and Individual Differences including Analytical (i.e., Jungian) Psychology: (i) Archetype Theory and meaningfulness, (ii) qualitative aspects of symbols, including numbers and images, and their psychological impact and relevance to various cultures, (iii) comparative studies of psychological types using various Jungian ‘type’ measures and other personality measures.

    I have supervised Honours students in the areas of anomalistic psychology, parapsychology, typology, gambling, and symbolic meaning.

  • Publications

    Storm, L., Tressoldi, P. E., & Di Risio, L. (2010). Meta-analyses of free-response studies 1992-2008: Assessing the noise reduction model in parapsychology. Psychological Bulletin, 136(4), 491-494.

    Chiu, J., & Storm, L. (2010). Personality, perceived luck and gambling attitudes as predictors of gambling involvement. Journal of Gambling Studies, 26 (2), 205-227.

    Storm, L. & Rock, A. J. (2009). Shamanic-like journeying and psi: I. Imagery cultivation, personality, and the picture-identification task. Australian Journal of Parapsychology, 9, 165-192.

    Goretzki, M., Thalbourne, M. A., & Storm, L. (2009). The questionnaire measurement of spiritual emergency. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 41, 81- 97.Storm, L. (2008). The enigma of numbers. Pari, Italy: Pari Publishing.

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