Dr Laura Morrissey

Dr Laura Morrissey
 Position Affiliate
 Org Unit Earth Sciences
 Email laura.morrissey@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4971
 Location Floor/Room G 09 ,  Mawson Laboratories ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    I started my Bachelor of Science in 2006 and combined it with a Bachelor of Laws and a Diploma of Language in Spanish. I completed my honours degree in Geology in 2010 and my law degree in 2011. During my undergraduate degree I did work experience with Minotaur Exploration and Santos and also a summer legal clerkship at Fisher Jeffries. In 2011 I worked as a research assistant for the university while completing the last year of my law degree. I commenced my PhD in geology in 2012.

  • Qualifications

    2012 Commenced PhD in Geology

    2011 Graduated Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

    2010 Graduated Bachelor of Science (Hons)

    2009 Graduated Bachelor of Science (Jurisprudence)

    2009 Graduated Diploma of Language (Spanish Advanced)

  • Awards & Achievements

    2010 Australian Institute of Geoscientists Honours Bursary

    2010 Department of Further Education, Science and Technology (DFEEST)

    2008 Faculty of Science Academic Achievement Award

    2006 Faculty of Science Academic Achievement Award

    2006 Spanish Embassy Prize for Excellence

  • Research Interests

    My honours project was based in the Warumpi Province in central Australia. I combined monazite and zircon geochronology and Sm-Nd garnet geochronology with calculated metamorphic phase diagrams to further understand the metamorphic character of the region.

    My PhD is focusing on high geothermal gradient metamorphism in central Australia, the Rayner Province in East Antarctica and the Barossa Complex, southern Australia. My PhD is looking at the temporal link between high geothermal gradient regimes and tectonic settings, particularly in regard to supercontinent cycles.

  • Publications

    Peer-reviewed articles

    Morrissey, L.J., Hand, M., Raimondo, T., Kelsey, D.E., 2014. Long-lived high-temperature, low-pressure granulite facies metamorphism in the Arunta Region, central Australia. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 32, 25-47.

    Morrissey, L.J., Hand, M., Wade, B.P., Szpunar, M., 2013. Early Mesoproterozoic metamorphism in the Barossa Complex, South Australia: links with the eastern margin of Proterozoic Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 60, 769-795.

    Morrissey, L., Payne, J.L., Kelsey, D.E. and Hand, M., 2011. Grenvillian-aged reworking in the North Australian Craton, central Australia: Constraints from geochronology and modelled phase equilibria. Precambrian Research, 191, 141-165.


    Abstracts and presentations

    Morrissey, L., Hand, M., Kelsey, D., Payne, J., 2013. Temporal constrains on the metamorphic evolution of the northern Prince Charles Mountains, east Antarctica. Granulites and Granulites 2013, Hyderabad, January 2013, p. 46.

    Morrissey, L., Wong, B., Hand, M., Payne, J., Kelsey, D., Collins, W. J., 2012. Grenvillian-aged reworking in the southern North Australia Craton, central Australia. Proceedings of the 24th International Geological Congress 2012, Brisbane, August 2012.

    Morrissey, L., Hand, M., Kelsey, D. 2010. The metamorphic evolution of the Eastern Warumpi Province. 2010 Australian Earth Sciences Convention (AESC) 2010, Earth systems: change, sustainability, vulnerability. 20th Australian Geological Convention, National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. July 4-8, p. 327.

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