Dr Laura Weyrich

Dr Laura Weyrich
  • Biography/ Background


    2003-2007      South Dakota State University, USA           B. S. Applied and Industrial Microbiology, Minors in Chemistry and Philosophy

    2004               University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA            National Student Exchange - Microbiology Dept

    2005               Manchester Metropolitan University, UK      Exchange Student - Immunology/Microbiology Dept

    2007-2012      The Pennsylvania State University, USA      Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology, Graduate Minor in Science, Technology and Society

    Professional Positions

    2005              South Dakota State University West Nile Research Team        Dr. M. B. Hildreth

    2006              Manchester Metropolitan University Research Volunteer          Dr. Anna Doran

    2006-2007      South Dakota State University Research Assistant                 Dr. Volker Brözel

    2007-2008      The Pennsylvania State University Teaching Assistant            Dr. Sillman/Dr. Keating

    2007-2012      The Pennsylvania State University Research Assistant            Dr. Eric Harvill

    2012-Current   Australian Center for Ancient DNA Postdoctoral Researcher    Dr. Alan Cooper


  • Research Interests

    I'm interested in the evolution of microorganisms that live on and within the human body (microbiome).  Using ancient DNA, we can investigate how cultural changes, dietary shifts, and disease shaped the human microbiome.  We are also able to understand bacterial evolution in real time, monitoring how pathogens evolved through the course of human history.  Further, we can investigate how the evolution of these microorganisms effects today's diseases and how they may have changed human evolution.

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesScience & Technology, Archaeology & Anthropology
    Expertisemicrobiome, microbiota, ancient DNA, bacteria, archaea, arhceogenetics, anthropology, disease, infection, history
    2007 Nellie H. and Oscar L. Roberts Fellowship
    2011 Harold K. Schilling Dean?s Graduate Fellowship for Science and Ethics
    2014 Edith Dornwell Certificate of Merit for ECR Research Excellence
    2015 University of Adelaide Inaugural Women?s Research Excellence Award
    2016 Australian Science Media Centre Award
    2017 Young Tall Poppy Award
    2017 South Australian Young Tall Poppy
    Mobile0481 252 638

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