Dr Lynn Ward

 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit Psychology
 Email lynn.ward@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3182
 Location Floor/Room 5 17 ,  Hughes ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    BA (Hons), PhD - University of Adelaide

  • Teaching Interests

    Program Coordinator: Bachelor of Psychology(Honours) and Bachelor of Psychological Science.

    My area of expertise is Developmental Psychology, predominantly adult development and ageing. Psychology of ageing is dynamic field, and research has increased at an exponential rate since 1945.  When teaching, I try to convey some sense of the excitement that I get from learning about, and working in, such a rapidly developing field.


Philosophy of Teaching:

    I believe that teaching is a process of empowering people to become active, life-long, seekers of knowledge and meaning, and that this occurs when people are able to develop skills to ask questions, and to find, interpret, communicate, and apply knowledge.  It sets a foundation for development that will continue across the life-span, and it occurs when people have confidence in their abilities, when they have access to resources, and when they are inspired or intrigued by what they are learning about. 

    The teacher-student relationship  involves connecting on an interpersonal and intellectual level, with both parties being active participants in this process.  Teaching occurs by example with the teacher modeling the values to which they want students to aspire.  It occurs as a dynamic process with questions and insights that students raise, and the feedback they provide, serving to inform and inspire the teacher. 

    I want my teaching to inspire and empower people to articulate  “yes, but...” and  “yes, and…” responses.  The “yes” means they are open-minded, rather than dismissive of the information, meanings and ways of knowing that they encounter.  The “but …” reflects their ability to critically evaluate what they have discovered, and the “and…”, their ability to grasp its implications and applications.”

    Teaching Award:  The Stephen Cole the Elder Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2003 (High Commendation).


  • Research Interests

    I am interested in factors that influence adult development and ageing. I have used both qualitative and quantitative methods to study psychosocial development in midlife and older adults. Specific interests include:

    • age-related changes in cognitive functioning, both normal and dementia related;
    • the impact lifestyle choices and health habits on cognitive functioning and psychosocial well-being in older adults;
    • resilience, emotional functioning and successful ageing;
    • cross-cultural issues in ageing.

    Awarded Barbara Kidman Fellowship 2014 (University of Adelaide)

  • Publications

    Recent key publications

     Books / Book chapters

     1.Hoffnung, M., Hoffnung, R.J., Seifert, K.L., Burton Smith, R., Hine, A., Ward, L., & Pause, C. (2013).  Lifespan Development: a chronological approach (second Australasian Edition) John Wiley & Sons: Milton QLD (ISBN 978 0 730 30178 3)

    2. Hoffnung, M., Hoffnung, R.J., Seifert, K.L., Burton Smith, R., Hine, A., Ward, L., Pause, C. & Swabey, K.. (2013) Lifespan Development: a topical approach (first Australasian Edition) John Wiley & Sons: Milton QLD

     3. Ward, L. (2004). Risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome.  International Review of Research in Mental Retardation. 29, 159 – 196.


    Journal Articles

     1. Beer, M., Ward, L. & Moar, K  (2013). The relationship between mindful parenting and distress in parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Mindfulness, 4, 102-112. DOI: 10.1007/s12671-012-0192-4

    2. Vincent, N., Ward, L. & Denson, L. (2013). Personality Preferences and their Relationship to Ego Development in Australian Leadership Program Participants. Journal of Adult Development. In press.

    3. Hunter, C. E.A., Ward, L. & Camp, C.J.  (2012). Transitioning spaced retrieval training to care staff in an Australian residential aged care setting for older adults with dementia: a case study approach. Clinical Gerontologist. 35 (1), 1- 14.

    4. Bastian, P., Denson, L., & Ward, L., (2011). Assessment of patients’ decision-making capacity: A response to a paper by Professor Darzins. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 58, 392-3.

    5. Tan, J., Ward, L., & Zaiain T.  (2011). Comparing definitions of successful ageing: The case of Anglo-and Chinese-Australians. EJournal of Applied Psychology: Special Issue on Positive Ageing.  7, 15-21.

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    13. Ward, L. Mathias, J.L & Hitchings, S.E. ( 2007).  Relationships between bereavement and cognitive functioning in older adults. Gerontology,53,124-134.




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