Emerita Professor Margaret Allen

Emerita Professor Margaret Allen
  • Qualifications

    B.A. (Hons) (Adelaide) 1969

     Diploma of Education (Adelaide) 1970

    Master of Arts (History) (Adelaide) 1976

    Master of Arts (Social History) (Essex) 1979

    Ph.D (Flinders University of South Australia) 1992

  • Teaching Interests

    As a Professor Emerita, I am no longer available for Postgraduate Research Supervision

     Undergraduate Subjects previously taught

    Introduction to Gender Studies

    Gender, Work and Society

    Life Stories: Australia 1850-1980

    Gender and Race in Australian History

  • Publications


    Monographs and Edited Books

    Cosmopolitan Lives on the Cusp of Empire:  Interfaith, Cross-Cultural and Transnational Networks, 1860-1950 Palgrave Pivot, 2017 (with Jane Haggis, Clare Midgely and Fiona Paisley) 

    F. de Haan, M. Allen, K. Daskalova and J. Purvis (eds) Women’s ActivismGlobal Perspectives from the 1890s to the present Routledge, London, 2013.

    Intersections: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Australasian Studies Delhi, Prestige, 2007. Co-edited with R. K. Dhawan

    Fresh Evidence, New Witnesses Finding Women's History Adelaide, Stateprint, 1989 with Alison Mackinnon and Mary Hutchison

    Limited Access: Women's Disadvantage in Higher Education Employment NTEU, Melbourne, 1995 with Tanya Castleman, Wendy Bastalich and Pat Wright

    All Her Labours 2 vols Sydney, Hale and Iremonger 1984 edited with Women and Labour Publications Collective

    Book Chapters

    'The "silver-tongued orator" advocates for Australian Indians: Srinivasa Sastri's tour of Australia in 1922', in Aliens and Subjects, eds K. Bagnall and P. Prince , ANU Press, 2023.


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    Other Publications
    Catherine Martin's Library: With a list of the Books Bibliographica Historica Australiae no.12 (Canberra, Mulini Press, 2002) 60pp.

    Edited Works

    'The Cosmo-Politics of Friendship in Imperial Contact Zones 1870-1950' special issue of the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 22 (3) 2021 with Jane Haggis. 

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    Conference Reports
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    Public History Reviews

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    Other recent reviews 

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