Mr Matthew Christmas

 Position ARC Research Associate
 Org Unit Ecology and Environmental Science
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1706
 Location Floor/Room 12 ,  Schulz Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Currently a post-graduate researcher in Professor Andy Lowe’s lab, I am working towards a PhD in population and adaptation genomics. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Bristol, UK (2006) and went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at King’s College, London (2008) before entering into a career in secondary science teaching. I moved to Australia in 2012 and began my post-graduate research.

    My current research interests are in using genomics and transcriptomics to explore questions regarding plant adaptation along environmental clines. I am currently investigating adaptation in the narrow-leaf hopbush, Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustissima, along an environmental gradient in South Australia. To address such questions I am using population-level genomic data via transcriptome sequencing, reduced-representation libraries, and hybrid-capture target-enrichment. I am also developing bioinformatic skills for the analysis of these data.

  • Qualifications

    PGCE Secondary Science King's College, London, UK

    BSc. Hons. Biology University of Bristol, Bristol, UK


  • Research Funding

    2014: PhD Research. Field Naturalists Society of South Australia - Lirabenda Endowment Fund ($2K)

  • Publications

    Breed MF, Christmas MJ, Lowe AJ. 2014. Higher Levels of Multiple Paternities Increase Seedling Survival in the Long-Lived Tree Eucalyptus gracilis. PLoS One 9:e90478.

    Guerin GR, Martín-Forés I, Biffin E, Baruch Z, Breed MF, Christmas MJ, Cross HB, Lowe AJ. 2014. Global change community ecology beyond species-sorting: a quantitative framework based on mediterranean-biome examples. Global Ecology and Biogeography:

    Aleksiev AS, Longdon B, Christmas MJ, Sendova-Franks AB, Franks NR. 2008. Individual and collective choice: parallel prospecting and mining in ants. Naturwissenschaften 95:301-305.

    Aleksiev AS, Longdon B, Christmas MJ, Sendova-Franks AB, Franks NR. 2007. Individual choice of building material for nest construction by worker ants and the collective outcome for their colony. Animal Behaviour 74:559-566.



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