Dr Matthew McMillan

Dr Matthew McMillan
 Position Postdoctoral Researcher
 Org Unit School of Biological Sciences
 Email matthew.mcmillan@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 6067
 Location Floor/Room 1 23 ,  Darling ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications


    Doctor of Philosophy (2015 - Pres.) University of Adelaide, ongoing. Thesis: An integrated approach to locate pupping grounds and assess natal origins in a Conservation Dependent shark, Galeorhinus galeus.

    Honours Degree in Environmental Biology, First Class (2014) University of Adelaide. Thesis: Analysis of vertebral chemistry to assess stock structure in a deep-sea shark, Etmopterus spinax (92/100).

    Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) (2013) University of Adelaide (GPA: 6.5/7).



    PhD fieldwork (2015 - Pres.):

    Tag and release of pregnant school shark with archival satellite tags, Great Australian Bight, South Australia.

    Surveying potential school shark nursery areas using non-extractive (Baited Remote Underwater Video) and extractive (longline) techniques.

    Southern Shark Ecology Group (2015): Capture and release of bronze whaler and hammerhead sharks for tissue sample collection, Gulf St Vincent, South Australia.

    Institute of Marine Research, Norway (2014): Sampling lantern shark for microchemistry and genetic analyses on a research vessel of IMR, Skagerrak and North Sea, Norway.

  • Awards & Achievements

    1st Prize, Outstanding Academic Achievement in B.Sc. (Marine Biology) (2013) University of Adelaide. 

    Faculty of Sciences Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards (2013, 2012, 2011) University of Adelaide.

  • Research Interests

    My research has focused on shark ecology and movements. As predators, sharks play important roles maintaining the balance and health of marine ecosystems, however due to slow growth and low reproductive rates they are often vulnerable to stressors such as overfishing or habitat degradation. Often wide ranging and highly mobile, their ecology and movements are masked by the sea and difficult to study.

    I have employed various methods to investigate shark movements and ecology, e.g. vertebral chemistry analysis to assess stock structure in a deep-sea lantern shark (Etmopterus spinax) in the NE Atlantic, where depth precluded conventional tag and release methodsMy PhD project aims to locate pupping grounds and assess natal origins of the Conservation Dependent school shark, Galeorhinus galeus in South Australian waters by integrating techniques including satellite tagging, vertebral chemistry analysis, underwater video surveys and bio-energetic analyses

  • Research Funding

    Competitive Research Grants (Total: $52,820)

    Sea World Marine Vertebrates Grant (2016, 2017) Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Inc. Total: $40,820.

    Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (2015, 2016) Equity Trustees Total: $12,000.



    Frederick James Sandoz PhD Scholarship (2015) Sandoz Family.

    Australian Postgraduate Award (2015) University of Adelaide.

    Playford Trust Honours Scholarship for Science (2014) Playford Memorial Trust.

    Summer Research Scholarship (2012) Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories. 

  • Publications

    McMillan MN, Huveneers C, Semmens JM, and Gillanders BM (2018) Natural tags reveal populations of Conservation Dependent school shark use different pupping areas. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 599: 147-156.

    McMillan MN, Izzo C, Wade B, and Gillanders BM (2017) Elements and elasmobranchs: Hypotheses, assumptions and limitations of elemental analyses. Journal of Fish Biology, 90(2): 559-594

    McMillan MN, Izzo C, Junge C, Albert OT, Jung A, and Gillanders BM (2017) Analysis of vertebral chemistry to assess stock structure in a deep-sea shark, Etmopterus spinaxICES Journal of Marine Science, 74(3): 793-803.


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