Mr Mohammad Mohsen Sarafraz

Mr Mohammad Mohsen Sarafraz
 Position Research Associate
 Org Unit School of Mechanical Engineering
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4713
 Mobile +61 4 1631 1335
 Location Floor/Room 2 26a ,  Engineering South ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Mohsen is a researcher working for the University of Adelaide. He has a wide background in transport phenomena, two-phase flows and passive cooling and has many publications on the thermodynamics of cooling cycles, boiling heat transfer, heat exchangers and microfluidics. Now, he has been looking into chemical looping gasification and chemical looping combustion for syngas and energy production, respectively. Microfluidics is another area of research he is looking into now. Hydrogen production and Thermal energy storage are other research areas that he has worked on. Following projects have been supervised/ open to the students:

     We are looking for passionate postgraduate students to participate in the projects. If you think you are the one, please contact us through: <<>>. Details will be discussed over the meeting with the leaders of the projects. 

    • Process intensification in hydrogen production. (Ongoing).
    • Design and fabrication of microchannels equipped with the quiet resonator. (Ongoing).
    • Measurements of the contact angle of liquid metals. (Ongoing).
    • Gas/liquid Micro-cooler. (Ongoing).
    • Micro-channel solar receiver. (ongoing)
    • Developing a solar desalinator for water purification. (finished)
    • Supercritical water syngas production. (ongoing)
    • Pressure drop and fluid flow characteristics in the micro-fluid injection system for medical applications. (ongoing)
    • Thermal analysis of a flat heat pipe working with nanofluid for high heat flux removal capacity. (finished)
    • A tubular boiler for particulate flows and emulsions. (finished)
    • Pool boiling heat transfer to nanofluids. (finished)
    • Flow boiling heat transfer of nano-suspensions. (finished)
    • A novel high heat flux discoid heater for local vaporisation. (finished)
    • Noiseless CPU cooling cycle. (finished)
    • Synthesis of zirconia nanoparticles for heat transfer applications. (finished)
    • Synthesis of silver nanoparticles for antibacterial applications. (finished)
    • CHF and wettability study in flow and pool boiling regimes. (finished)
    • Designing a novel heatsink for cooling the high heat flux chipsets. (finished)
    • Fouling studies in microchannels and miniature heat exchangers. (ongoing)
    • Single-phase and two-phase convective flows in an annuli cooler. (finished)
    • Fabrication of a gravity-assisted thermosyphon heat pipe for cooling applications. (finished)
    • Experimental investigation on the fouling formation of microfluidics and nanofluids in wick structures. (ongoing)
    • Developing a numerical model for fluid flow in a micro-mixer. (Ongoing- patent pending)
    • Low vibration fouling mitigation in energy systems. (ongoing)
    • Stability analysis of nanofluids using pre and post treatments. (finished)

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  • Qualifications

    • Nov 2017-Oct 2018, Research Associate, The University of Adelaide, Australia.
    • Oct 2015-2018, Ph. D. School of Mechanical Engineering, The Universiy of Adelaide, Australia.
    • May 2011, Oct 2015, Nanotechnology and Heat Transfer division, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran.
    • Sep 2008-May 2011, IAU Science and Research, M.Sc (Chemical Engineering-Transport Phenomena).
    • Sep 2003-Feb 2008, IAU Science and Research, B.Sc (Chemical Engineering-Process Engineering).
    • Sep 1993-Sep 2003, Iran Bright Spark (Sampad), Diploma (Mathematics).


  • Awards & Achievements

    • Innovation in Technology, awarded by Centre for Energy Technology (CET), UoA, Australia. 
    • Best researcher award by Iran nanotechnology initiative council (2017).
    • Hot downloaded papers from Applied Thermal Engineering, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer.
    • Tehran-Iran nanotechnology Institute: Best achievement of research, (2016). 
    • Adelaide International Scholarships, (2015).
    • International Full Fee Covered Fund, University of Newcastle, UK, (2015). 
    • Best Iranian young scientist (Bright spark symposium), (2014) Awarded by IAUSR, Iran.
    • Iran Nano Institute Fund, (INIRF), (2014-2015).
    • Best Iranian Researcher, (2014).
    • NSP Iranian National Project Fund, Silicon Production ( the University of Tehran and Petroleum University of Technology), (2013).
    • Western Asia Ingenuity Festival-Panel of the best young researcher, awarded by Iran-Naja, (2012).
    • Best Postgraduate student awarded by Iran Ministry of Science and research, (2011).
  • Teaching Interests


    • Thermodynamics I and II.
    • Unit operation.
    • Advanced Heat Transfer.
    • Advanced Mass transfer.
    • Analytical mathematics. 
    • Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering.
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Separation with membranes
    • Water treatments and microfiltration
    • Modelling and linear/non-linear regression
    • Chemical reactors. 
  • Research Interests

    We have some interesting projects for people who seek the light. If you are the one who is looking for a pavement towards a Ph. D. or want to move on the border of knowledge please be in contact. We, always, are looking for postgrads and students who are motivated, talent, smart and science lover. Here are some of the research interests and potential collaboration/research subjects: 

    • Process Engineering and Plant Design.
    • Solar Energy, Chemical Looping Technology, Concentrated Solar Plant, Thermochemical cycle.
    • Renewable energy, green fuels and biomass. 
    • Microfluidics and conventional particulate flows.
    • Heat and mass transfer (Transport phenomena).
    • Passive two-phase devices and boiling sub-phenomena.
    • Process Intensification in porous media.
    • nanoparticles, deposition, fouling and attrition of particles in heat transfer media.
    • Synthesis of nanomaterials, Carbon nanotubes and metal oxides.
    • Coatings, surface characteristics.
    • CFD, Computer-aided numerical modelling (Ansys, Comsol and Thermal desktop).
    • Process intensification in heat exchangers and micro heat sinks.
    • Diffusion in liquid and gases. 
    • Power cycles and cooling cycles. 


  • Publications

    Published journal articles

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  • Professional Associations

    Member of Engineers Australia 

    Member of the American society of Nanotechnology, 

    Member of the editorial board of several journals including American Journal of Engineering, Applied Chemical Engineering

    Member of Sampad Elite Organization- Elite and Young Researcher Club, Tehran.

    Member of Iranian chemical and mechanical engineering society.


  • Professional Interests

    For Memberships, Board advisories and professional activities, please head to:


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  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesEngineering, Mining & Energy
    ExpertiseSyngas production Chemical Looping Technology Transport phenomena Heat transfer Nano-technology biological nanofluids Solar Energy Passive cooling techniques Boiling heat transfer Process Engineering
    Mobile0416 311 335
    After hours0416 311 335

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