Dr Naoise McDonagh

Dr Naoise McDonagh
 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Institute for International Trade
 Email naoise.mcdonagh@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1409
 Location Floor/Room 5 ,  Nexus ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr. Naoise McDonagh specializes in international political economy, institutional economics, development and comparative capitalism. He has a BA in political science and philosophy, and an MA in international development, both from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Naoise has a PhD degree from the University of Auckland, specializing in institutional economics and the evolution of economic systems.

    In the tertiary sector he has extensive experience teaching, conference speaking and publishing original research. He has experience collaborating with international organisations such as the UNDP on development issues.

    Naoise’s research has recently examined the factors driving financial crises, the political economy of differential regional and national economic growth, and the institutional underpinnings of successful development. Naoise research has appeared in Routledge’s Frontiers in Political Economy series, Culture and Organization, the Journal of Evolutionary Economics and the Journal of Economic Issues. Research in progress analyses the political economy of WTO reform and the growing shift to plurilateral trade agreements. Of special concern is the re-emergence of state-led capitalism and the growing role of state-owned enterprises in global trade. Naoise welcomes collaboration on these research interests.



  • Awards & Achievements

    Shortlisted for the University of Adelaide Executive Dean Award for Vision, Service, Culture, External Engagement Award, 2020


    Awarded University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, 2015-2018


    Neil Smith Graduate Research Award 2014, National University of Ireland, Galway (top 250 globally ranked University)

    This award was inaugurated at the 45th Conference of Irish Geographers in 2013 to commemorate the late Neil Smith, an internationally recognised political geographer who was the MA programme’s external assessor. The student with best MA thesis receives the award.



    Short-listed as ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2014 Global Undergraduate Awards



  • Teaching Interests

    Naoise has taught economic sociology and comparative institutional economics in European and Australasian universities. He believes in continually developing his pedagogical practice through insights into the latest theoretical and practical research. Naoise's teaching regularly receives the highest commendations from his students through official anonymized student evaluations. The following example is typical of student feedback: "Naoise creates a classroom environment which is really thought provoking, everyone has a chance to participate in and contribute to the class work". This statement is reflective of his commitment to high-impact, high-engagement teaching.

    Naoise will be teaching 'Principles of International Trade and Development" (TRADE 7004) during the 2020 academic year.

  • Research Interests

    ·         Political Economy of International Trade

    ·         Institutions, Trade and Development

    ·         Comparative Capitalism and Variation in Development Paths


  • Research Funding

    2018    Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) University of Auckland

    Project title: ‘From Darwin, To Marx(ists): “Variation is part of species essence”’, presented at Union for Radical Political Economy, 50th Anniversary Conference, UMASS, MA.

    Value: $1000


    2016    PBRF

    Project title: ‘Why finance is the real economy’, presented at Intersections of Finance and Society, City University of London.

    Value: $1000.


    2015    PBRF

    Project title: ‘Framing Finance during Crisis’, presented at the Inaugural Cultural Political Economy Conference, Lancaster University, UK.

    Value: $1000.


    2015      3-year University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

    Project title: ‘The End of Capitalism, Again? An Institutional-Evolutionary View’

    Awarded through competitive tender by: School of Sociology Doctoral Research Committee

    Value: $108,000 over three years.


    2012    10 Week Research Bursary, NUIG Summer Internship Programme

    Project title: ‘Media representation of the Irish economic crisis, 2008-2009’

    Awarded by: School of Political Science and Sociology Research Committee, National University of Ireland Galway.

    Value: €2,000.00



  • Publications

    Journal Articles

    McDonagh, N., (2020) ‘The Evolution of Bank Bailouts: Two centuries of variation, selection and retention’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics.

    McDonagh, N., (2020) ‘Is Capitalism Ending? An Institutional-Evolutionary View’, Journal of Economic Issues.

    McDonagh, N., (2019) ‘One-Dimensional Times: A Dialectical Response to the Irish Times Coverage of the Global Financial Crisis’, Culture & Organization, 25(1): 32-51.

    McDonagh, N., (2016) ‘How to Frame a Bank Bailout: Lessons from Ireland during the Global Financial Crisis’, Social Space/Przestrzeń Społeczna, 12(2): 84-112.


    Book Chapters

    McDonagh, N., (2019) ‘Tales of Austerity, and a Crisis of Wealth Distribution’ in Discourse Analysis and Austerity: Critical Studies from Economics and Linguistics, edited by K., Power, E., Lebduskova and T., Ali. New York: Routledge.


    Book Reviews

    McDonagh, N., (2017) ‘The FIRE Economy’ by Jane Kelsey, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 6(4): 119-121.

    McDonagh, N., (2017) ‘The Long Depression: How it happened, why it happened, and what happens next’ by Michael Roberts, Counterfutures: Left Thought & Practice Aotearoa, 3: 189-200.

    McDonagh, N., (2016) ‘Generation Rent: Rethinking New Zealand’s Priorities’ by Shamubeel Eaqub and Selena Eaqub. Counterfutures: Left Thought & Practice Aotearoa, 1: 167-173.


    Policy Briefs

    McDonagh, N., Draper, P., (2020) ‘Industrial Subsidies, State-Owned Enterprises and WTO Reform: Diverging Agendas and Paths Forward for Cooperation’, Institute for International Trade, https://iit.adelaide.edu.au/news/list/2020/09/02/industrial-subsidies-state-owned-enterprises-and-wto-reform-prospects-for


    McDonagh, N., Draper, P., Evenett, S., Freytag, A., Gao, H., (2020) ‘Industrial Subsidies as a Major Policy Response since the Global Financial Crises: Consequences and Remedies’, Think 20, Task Force 1: Trade, Investment and Growth.


    Lacey, S., McDonagh, N., Humphrey, M., and Draper, P., (2020)  ‘From Recovery to Continued Prosperity: What Lessons from COVID19?, Institute for International Trade, https://iit.adelaide.edu.au/news/list/2020/07/30/from-recovery-to-continued-prosperity-what-lessons-from-covid-19

  • Professional Associations

    Professional Memberships:


    Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)


    World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR)

  • Community Engagement




    ·         McDonagh, Naoise, ‘Is plurilateralism making the WTO an institutional zombie?’, East Asian Forum, February 17, https://www.eastasiaforum.org/2021/02/17/is-plurilateralism-making-the-wto-an-institutional-zombie/

    McDonagh, Naoise, ‘Is plurilateralism making the WTO an institutional zombie?’, East Asian Forum, 

    Draper, Peter and Naoise McDonagh ‘Reforming industrial subsidies usage through the WTO: process proposals’, OECD Development Matters, https://oecd-development-matters.org/2021/01/14/reforming-industrial-subsidies-usage-through-the-wto-process-proposals/


    McDonagh, N., ‘Sure, let’s bring production onshore, but it might not ensure supplies’, The Conversation, https://theconversation.com/sure-lets-bring-production-onshore-but-it-might-not-ensure-supplies-142270

    Freytag, Andreas and Naoise McDonagh, ‘The “German” debate on supply chain ethics: assessing the role for businesses in human rights enforcement’. Institute for International Trade, https://iit.adelaide.edu.au/news/list/2020/07/30/the-german-debate-on-supply-chain-ethics-assessing-the-role-for-businesses-in

    McDonagh, N., ‘Geopolitics, Trade and Protectionism: Covid-19’s impact and paths forward’. Institute for International Trade, https://iit.adelaide.edu.au/news/list/2020/03/27/geopolitics-trade-and-protectionism-covid-19s-impact-and-paths-forward

    McDonagh, N., ‘A Phase One Deal, but for what purpose?’ Institute for International Trade,


    McDonagh, N., ‘Failure of strategic trade diplomacy’, Institute for International Trade,



    Media Coverage


    Interview for Nikkei Asian Review story on Australia-China trade tensions on 22 Oct 2020, with quotes from interview in the published article: https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Trade/China-trade-pressure-sends-Australia-wake-up-call-to-diversify

    Radio Interview: Radio 2NM, Upper Hunter Valley Sydney: https://www.2nm.com.au/podcast-player/show/7641216-dr-naoise-mcdonagh-supply-chains/2nm-breakfast (July 27th, 2020)

    McDonagh, N., ‘Sure, let’s bring production onshore, but it might not ensure supplies’ originally published by The Conversation was republished in The Canberra Times July 12, 2020 (https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6829237/sure-lets-bring-production-onshore-but-it-might-not-ensure-supplies/


    Submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries


    Lacey, S., McDonagh, N., Humphrey, M., and Draper, P., (2020)  ‘From Recovery to Continued Prosperity: What Lessons from COVID19?’ submitted to Parliamentary Inquiry: Joint Standing Committee on ‘Defence, Foreign Affairs & Trade Inquiry into the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for Australia’s foreign affairs, defence and trade’ (August 2020)

    Draper, P., Mcdonagh, N., and Lacey, S., (2020) ‘Supply Chain Security and Australia in the Context of Resilience, Robustness and Diversification’, Submitted policy brief to a Parliamentary Inquiry: Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth (September 2020)


    Testimony delivered to Parliamentary Inquiry

    Appearance to give testimony at the public hearing for Parliamentary Inquiry: Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth (30th September 2020)

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