Professor Nicholas Jose

Professor Nicholas Jose
 Position Professor of English and Creative Writing
 Org Unit English and Creative Writing
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4561
 Location Floor/Room 6 04 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Nicholas Jose is a novelist, essayist and playwright, whose thirteen books include the novels Paper Nautilus, Avenue of Eternal Peace (shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award), The Custodians (shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize) and Original Face; two short story collections; a volume of essays, Chinese Whispers; and the memoir Black Sheep. After gaining his doctorate at Oxford University, he taught in the Department of English at the ANU 1978-1985. His monograph Ideas of the Restoration in English Literature was published in 1984.

    Professor Jose taught in China 1986-87, and served as Cultural Counsellor in the Australian Embassy Beijing 1987-1990. A full-time writer from 1991, he resumed his academic career as Chair of Creative Writing at Adelaide University in 2005. A past president of International PEN Sydney, he is general editor of the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature (also published as The Literature of Australia). He was Visiting Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard University 2009-2010 and taught there again in 2011. He is Adjunct Professor with the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney, Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, and Professor of English and Creative Writing in the School of Humanities at The University of Adelaide.


  • Qualifications

    Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University, 1978

    Bachelor of Arts (1st class honours) and University Medal, Australian National University, 1973



  • Research Interests

    His research interests include new writing from Australia and the Asia-Pacific; Australian literature; literary translation; contemporary art; China; and creative practice.



  • Publications


    Bapo, (short stories, Giramondo Publishing, 2014). 231 pp.

    ISBN 9781922146632

    The Literature of Australia: an anthology, general editor, Norton 2009. Introduction pp 1-8.

    ISBN 978-0-393-07261-7

    Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature, general editor, Nicholas Jose, Allen & Unwin 2009. Introduction pp.1-8.

    ISBN 978-1-7417-5440-7

      Winner, Special Award, 2010 NSW Premier's Literary Awards

      Winner, Tertiary Scholarly Reference category, Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2010

      Shortlisted, General Non-fiction Book of the Year, 2010 Australian Book Industry Awards

    Contemporary Art + Philanthropy: Private Foundations Asia-Pacific Focus, editor, Power Publications, UNSW Press 2009. Introduction pp 1-15.

    ISBN 978-0-9577-3823-2

    Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature, edited by Anita Heiss and Peter Minter, as general editor, Allen & Unwin 2008

    ISBN 978-0-7735-3459-9

       Winner, The Deadly Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Literature, 2008

    Avenue of Eternal Peace (novel, Wakefield Press, new edition with postscript, 2008, 279 pp.; Penguin (Aus), Dutton (US), 1989)

    ISBN 978-1-86254-799-5

      Shortlisted, Miles Franklin Literary Award. Filmed for television as Children of the Dragon.

    Original Face (novel, Giramondo Publishing 2005) 307 pp.

    ISBN 1 902882 13 8

    Black Sheep: Journey to Borroloola (memoir, Allen & Unwin (Aus); Profile UK/Hardie Grant 2002)

      Shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year 2003 (non fiction)

    ISBN 9781743430521

    The Red Thread (novel, Chronicle (US), Faber (UK), Hardie Grant (Aus), 2000)

    ISBN 9781740640138

      Published in Portuguese, Greek and Chinese translations.

    The Custodians (novel, Allen & Unwin (Aus), Picador (Aus & UK), St Martins Press (US), 1997)

    ISBN 9781742699868

      Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize 1997 (South-East Asia)

      Published in Chinese translation.

    Chinese Whispers: cultural essays (non-fiction, Wakefield Press (Aus, 1995)

    ISBN 9781862543362

    The Rose Crossing (novel, Overlook Press (US), Penguin (Aus), Hamish Hamilton (UK), 1994)

    ISBN 9780879517977

      Translations published in French, German and Chinese

    Paper Nautilus (novel, Wakefield Press (Aus); Penguin (Aus), 1987

    ISBN 9781862547339

      Published in Chinese translation (Taiwan)

    Feathers or Lead (short stories, Penguin (Aus), 1986)

    ISBN 0140088512

    Rowena's Field (novel, Rigby (Aus), 1984)


    The Possession of Amber (short stories, UQP (Aus), 1980)

    ISBN 0702215376

    Ideas of the Restoration in English Literature (monograph, Harvard University Press (US), Macmillan (UK), 1984)

    ISBN 0674442768


    Selected essays and reviews, 1997 -

    "Coetzee in China", Texas Studies in Literature and Language Special issue, Winter 2016. Forthcoming.

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    Selected Catalogue Essays and Art Writing

    "Ah Xian", Dark Heart, Art Gallery of South Australia, 2014.


    "Angela and Hossein Valamanesh", Heartland, Art Gallery of South Australia, 2013.

    "Stewart MacFarlane", Heartland, Art Gallery of South Australia, 2013.

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    "Citizens of the World", Writing the Painting, University of South Australia, March 2006.

    "The Sinking Ship", Interesting Times, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, September 2005.


    Selected Recent Short Fiction

    "What Love Tells Me", Chinese translation by Li Yao, World Literature, 2012.6, 77-88.

    "What Love Tells Me", The Best Australian Stories, edited by Cate Kennedy, Black Inc., 2011, pp.180-88.

    "What Love Tells Me", HEAT 24, New series, 2010, pp.171-79.

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    "Diamond Dog", Meanjin, vol.57, no.3 (1998), Japanese translation published in Diamond Dog: Contemporary Australian Short Stories  (Shuei Sha, 2008), pp.1-25; from Subaru Monthly, June 2006, 232-42; Serbian translation published in Serbian Translation of Contemporary Australian Fiction (Agora 2012), pp.191-202;



    The Finish Line: A Long march by Bicycle through China and Australia, by Sang Ye with Nicholas Jose and Sue Trevaskes (non-fiction, UQP (Aus), 1994)

    ISBN 0702226548



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