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TelephoneFamily nameGiven namePositionEmail
+61 8 8313 3291 ARCPOH Enquiries none registered [email]
+61 8 8313 4049 Luzzi Liana Deputy Director - ARCPOH [email]
none registered Brennan David Titleholder -ARCPOH [email]
+61 8 8313 0141 Chrisopoulos Sergio Research Associate [email]
none registered Do Loc Titleholder -ARCPOH [email]
+61 8 8313 4235 Dodds Nikkita Administrative Assistant [email]
none registered Ha Diep Titleholder -ARCPOH [email]
+61 8 8313 5626 Hanna Kamal Adjunct Senior Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 0869 Hedges Joanne Aboriginal Research Officer [email]
+61 8 8313 4048 Islam Saima Research Associate [email]
+61 8 8313 7352 Ju Xiangqun Research Associate [email]
none registered Peres Karen Titleholder -ARCPOH [email]
+61 8 8313 4454 Roberts-Thomson Kaye Adjunct Professor [email]
+61 8 8313 5029 Spencer John Emeritus Professor [email]
+61 8 8313 7326 Amarasena Najith Research Fellow [email]
none registered Arrow Peter Adjunct Senior Lecturer [email]
none registered Ghanbarzadegan Arash PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Gnanamanickam Emmanuel Adjuct Visiting Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 4611 Jamieson Lisa Professor Director Indigenous Oral Health Uni [email]
+61 8 8313 7339 Kapellas Kostas Early Career Fellow [email]
none registered Keuskamp Dominic Adjunct Visiting Fellow -ARCPOH [email]
+61 8 8313 2859 Mills Helen none registered [email]
none registered Nair Rahul Adjunct Visiting Fellow -ARCPOH [email]
none registered Nath Sonia PhD [email]
+61 8 8313 3779 Peres Marco Adjunct Professor [email]
+61 8 8313 2549 Sethi Sneha PhD student and Research Officer [email]
none registered Teusner Dana Adjunct Rsearch Scholar [email]
none registered Zakershahrak Mehrsa PhD Candidate [email]

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