Australian Institute for Machine Learning, Projects

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TelephoneFamily nameGiven namePositionEmail
+61 8 8313 3051 Arthur Alec Machine Learning Engineer [email]
+61 8 8313 6176 Cortazzo Jessica Manager, Project and Strategic Partnerships [email]
+61 8 8313 6780 Court Lina Executive Officer, CAR [email]
none registered Dayoub Feras Senior Lecturer [email]
none registered Heffernan Luke Space Business Development Lead [email]
+61 8 8313 0462 Hodge Samuel Senior Software Engineer [email]
+61 8 8313 3733 Kurian Nikhil Cherian Post Doctoral Researcher [email]
none registered Li Xinyu Research Associate [email]
+61 8 8313 2070 Liao Zhibin Grant-Funded Researcher (C) [email]
+61 8 8313 6682 Major Eddie Communications Manager [email]
+61 8 8313 2140 McDonnell Mark Grant Funded Researcher (C) [email]
+61 8 8313 3898 Nguyen Minh Hoai Professor [email]
none registered Phan Vu Minh Hieu Grant-Funded Researcher (B) [email]
+61 8 8313 2117 Qiao Yongliang Research Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 0377 Valmadre Jack AIML Future Making Fellow [email]
+61 8 8222 3380 Albert Paul Postdoctoral Researcher [email]
none registered Cai Yichao PhD Student [email]
+61 8 8313 0384 Dorraki Mohsen Grant-Funded Researcher [email]
none registered Guo Xiaoyu Research Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 1723 Hosseinzadeh Mehdi Postdoctoral Research Fellow (B) [email]
none registered Liu Yunxiang PhD Students [email]
+61 8 8313 3909 McCradden Melissa THRF Clinical Research Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 1279 Perperidis Antonios Research Fellow [email]
none registered Sam Abraham Savitha Postdoctoral Researcher [email]
none registered Smith Luke PhD Candidate [email]

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