Dr Paul Aylward

 Position Senior Research Fellow
 Org Unit General Practice
 Email paul.aylward@adelaide.edu.au
  • Biography/ Background

    Extensive experience in the design and conduct of program and project evaluations in primary health care and public health over eighteen years. In the UK Paul managed and conducted several large scale national evaluations for Government concerning health education initiatives in smoking, youth health, sexual health, migrant health and the health of elderly people which included qualitative approaches, national surveys and quasi-experimental designs.


    Since arriving in Australia Paul's work has expanded to include research and evaluation with a broad variety of socially excluded groups and addressing a range of public health issues including: Aboriginal people with co-morbidity issues, a broad number of C&LD refugee groups experiencing depression (Persian, Cambodian, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Eastern European), reviewing mental health services for South Australia migrant groups, evaluating services for mothers experiencing mental health distress, a national study addressing parent attachment issues, holistic services for abused mothers, services for injecting drug users (including separate studies for Vietnamese users), and several studies for people experiencing alcohol problems. Paul also designed and conducted the evaluation of the South Australian component of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy Community Programs which involved constructing a State-wide evaluation framework and participatory methodologies addressing a wide range community based programs addressing a broad spread of risk populations (including urban and remote Aboriginal communities, C&LD, rural men, urban youth, young people with AOD issues, young homeless people and peer education programs for people with HCV). He has conducted national evaluations of parenting programs conducted by Lady Gowrie child care, a feasibility study of the adoption of data synergy programs among SA GPs and the development of software tools for GPs addressing COPD. More recently he has contributed to the evaluation of 'Stronger Families Safer Children' for the Government of South Australia through formative work with the NGO stakeholder agencies engaged with the program. 


    Buiding capacity in evaluation and research has been a major part of Paul's work through implementing PAR approaches. A professionally qualified teacher and Senior Lecturer in the UK for eight years, Paul has written and coordinated several under-grad and post grad courses. In Australia, Paul has been commissioned to provide evaluation workshops to build capacity of health practitioners, community workers and academics across Australia on behalf of the Australasian Evaluation Society, by all three South Australian universities, and Universities in the Northern Territory and Queensland.


    Paul also worked as the  ‘Primary Health Care Research and Evaluation Development’ (PHCRED) Tri State-Wide Coordinator', for two terms where he was specifically charged with coordinating capacity building activities across five university departments of General Practice and Rural Health to help develop a research and evaluation culture amongst health practitioners in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Greater Green Triangle. This engaged Paul in directly training a broad range of health professionals in research and evaluation across Australia including Aboriginal staff (at AHCSA and Pika Wiya), AOD workers (on behalf of NCETA and DASSA), Public Health and Allied Health Workers and Divisions of General Practice (Hills Division and the Central and Northern Divisions in SA). He has also trained a broad range of NGOs across South Australia, delivering workshops and mentoring for: Anglicare, Mission Australia, VNCASA, the Cancer Council of SA and several community health centres.


  • Qualifications

    B.A (Hons). M.A. (Education). PGCE. M.A. PHd.

  • Awards & Achievements

    Honours in Psychology and Sociology - Lancaster University, 1983

    Masters of Education and Mass Communications - Leicester University, 1985

    Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Professional Teaching Qualification) - London Institute, 1992

    Masters in Applied Social Research (Distinction) - Westminster University, 1992

    Most Inspirational Lecturer Award – Southampton Solent University 1994

    Teaching and Scholarship award – Southampton Solent University 1999 

     Australasian Evaluation Society National Excellence Commendation for Evaluation Study 2002

    PHCRED RDP Fellowship - University of Adelaide, 2010

    PhD: Public Health -  Flinders University, 2010



  • Publications

    1.      Aylward, P. (2011) Evaluation – Outreach Hepatitis C Peer Education and Support Project. Hepatitis C Council of South Australia


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    5.      Frank, O.R, Stocks, N.P. & Aylward, P. (2011) Patient acceptance and perceived utility of pre-consultation prevention summaries and reminders in general practice: pilot study BMC Family Practice 2011, 12:40 doi:10.1186/1471-2296-12-40

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    7.      Aylward, P. (2011) Anglicare Staying Attached Project. Summative Evaluation Survey of External Stakeholders and Project Worker Focus Group Report. Anglicare South Australia.


    8.      Aylward, P. (2011) Understanding the Needle and Syringe Program as a harm reduction strategy For Vietnamese injecting drug users living in South Australia:  A hermeneutical cross-cultural study of barriers and engagement. Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Flinders University, South Australia.


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  • Professional Associations

    ·      Australasian Evaluation Society

    ·      Amnesty International

    ·      Harm Reduction International

    ·      Action Learning and Action Research Association

    ·      Hoi Sinh Committee (Vietnamese Community in Australia SA Chapter)

    Peer Reviewer for:

    ·      Department of Human Services Research and Innovation Program 2003/2004

    ·      Australian Education Researcher Journal

    ·      Panel of writers and reviewers in the area of promotion, prevention and early intervention for mental health and suicide prevention, Commonwealth Government, 2004

    ·      Action Learning and Action Research Association Journal

    ·      Advances in Mental Health


  • Professional Interests

    ·      Harm Reduction and Injecting Drug Use and the Needle and Syringe Program

    ·      Vietnamese Injecting Drug use in South Australia

    ·      Social Research Methods and Methodology: Qualitative and Quantitative

    ·      Evaluation

    ·      Public Health Education




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