Dr Pingzhou Liu

Dr Pingzhou Liu
 Position Research Associate
 Org Unit Adelaide Dental School
 Email pingzhou.liu@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4776
 Location Floor/Room 6 104 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Pingzhou Liu is a Research Associate at the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH). He manages the ARCPOH website and oversees the DPERU website, CPD Online Courses, and the Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse website. He is also a chief investigator of NHMRC projects "Caries initiation across childhood to adulthood" and "Randomised control trial of effectiveness of silver fluoride in managing deciduous dental caries in remote Aboriginal communities".

    Pingzhou has many years of teaching, research and service experience in Universities. He is a qualified software programmer. His previous research has focussed on the areas of dynamical systems, biomathematics and the neural network. His current research interests include statistical modeling and research translation.

  • Qualifications

    BSc (Mathematics and Statistics), MSc (Applied Mathematics), PhD (Applied Mathematics), Graduate Certificate (Object-Oriented Programming)

  • Publications

    Pinzhou has co-authored over 30 papers published on peer reviewed scientific journals. The following is a selected list of his recent publications.

    • Do LG, Spencer AJ, Slade GD, Ha DH, Roberts-Thomson KF and Liu P. Trend of income-related inequality of child oral health in Australia. J Dent Res 89:959–64, 2010.
    • Brennan DS, Singh KA, Liu P and Spencer AJ. Fruit and vegetable consumption among older adults by tooth loss and socio-economic status. Aust Dent J 55(2):143–9, 2010.
    • Liu, P. and Han, Q. Discrete-time analog of recurrent neural networks, IEEE trans.NN, 18(5), 1343-1355, 2007.
    • Gopalsamy, K. and Liu, P. Dynamics of a hysteretic neuron model, Nonlinear Anal. - Real World Problems, 8(1), 375- 398, 2007.
    • Liu, P. and Han, Q. On stability of recurrent neural networks – An approach from Volterra Integro-differential equations, IEEE Trans. NN, 17(1), 264-267, 2006.
    • Liu, P., Ranjikar, S., Kaidonis, J., Townsend, G. and Richards, L.A system for the acquisition and analysis of three-dimensional data describing dental morphology, Dental Anthropology, 17(3): 70-74, 2004.
    • Dannan, F. , Elaydi, S. and Liu, P. Stability Theory of Volterra equations, Advance in stability theory at the end of the twentieth century, Stability Control Theory Methods Appl., 13, Taylor & Francis, London, 89–106, 2003.
    • Zhang, S.; Liu, P. and Gopalsamy, K. Almost periodic solutions of nonautonomous linear difference equations, Appl. Anal. , Vol. 81, No.2, 281-301, 2002.
    • Liu, P. and Elaydi, S. Discrete competitive and cooperative models of Lotka-Volterra type. J. Comput. Appl. Anal. , Vol.3, No.1, 34-53, 2001.
    • Liu, P.
    • and Cui, X. Hyperbolic logistic difference equation with infinitely many delays, Math. Comput. In Simulation. 52, 231-250, 2000.

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