Mr Richard Warner

Mr Richard Warner
 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit School of Education
 Telephone +61 8 8313 6038
 Location Floor/Room 8 07 ,  Nexus 10 Tower - Marjoribanks Wing ,   North Terrace
  • Qualifications

    M.Sc in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

    Diploma in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

    Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Adelaide

    B.A.(Hons) in Social Sciences, University of the West of England

    RSA Cert. (TEFL) Cambridge

  • Teaching Interests

    Richard has a background in Applied Linguistics and has taught Academic English at both the University of Edinburgh (1999-1992) and the University of Adelaide (1993-present). His major roles in the School Education are to enable master's student academic development through teaching into research processes and communication courses. In addition, Richard has coordinated and taught in the Introductory Academic Program (IAP) for AusAID international students since 2006. He also lectured into the Integrated Bridging Program (IBP) for postgraduate research students from its inception in 1994 until 2015,  Richard is also involved in a consulting capacity, co-chairing the committee (PAC) which oversees the Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) offered by Professional and Continuing Education at the University.

  • Research Interests

    Cultural dimensions of academic writing, particularly in relation to plagiarism and feedback.

    Development of lifelong learning through reflective practice.

    Pedagogical approaches to student diversity, focussing on transcultural reflective practices.

    Curriculum innovation, design and renewal, including new technologies.

    Role of pathway programs for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students in enhancing their future success.


  • Research Funding

    2013 - Team member in University of Adelaide E-learning Development Grant ($15,000) entitled “Blogging to build transferable reflective learning capabilities” (Project Leader: Kayoko Enomoto)

    2014 - Team member in Office of Learning Teaching Innovation and Development Grant ($220,000) entitled ‘Online resources to support international students' (Project Leader: Julia Miller). See our project by visiting:

  • Publications

    Recent Refereed Publications

    2015 ‘Embedding research skills in the curriculum design of a pathway programme for international students’, jointly authored with K. Enomoto, in C. Nygaard, P. Bartholomew & C. Guerin (eds.) Learning to Research – Researching to Learn. Oxford: Libri Publishing.

    2014 'Cultural dimensions of feedback at an Australian university: a study of international students with English as an additional language', jointly authored with J. Miller, Higher Education Research & Development, DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2014.956695

    2014 'Promoting student reflection through considerate design of a virtual learning space’, jointly authored with K. Enomoto, in L. Scott-Webber, J. Branch, P. Bartholomew & C. Nygaard (eds.) Learning Space Design in Higher Education (pp. 127-150). Oxford: Libri Publishing.

    2013  'ALL academics facilitating articulated learning for English as an additional language students', jointly authored with M. Picard, Issues in Educational Research, Vol. 23, No.1, pp. 83-96.

    2013  ‘Building student capacity for reflective learning', jointly authored with K. Enomoto in C. Nygaard, J. Branch & C. Holtham (eds.) Learning in Higher Education - Contemporary Standpoints. Oxon., Libri Publishing, pp.183-201. 


    2012  ‘Going beyond Academic English: A Targeted Program to Develop EAL Student Autonomy at an Australian University', jointly authored with K. Enomoto in KASELE Bulletin, Vol 40,pp.61-68. The Kyushu Academic Society of English Language Education.  


    2011     'Giving feedback on assignment writing to international students - the integration of voice and writing tools’.  In W.M.Chan, K.N.Chin, M.Nagami & T.Suthiwan (Eds.)  Media in foreign language teaching and learning , DeGruyter Mouton, Boston, Mass. pp.355-381.  


    2011     ‘Enabling postgraduate students to become autonomous ethnographers of their disciplines’, jointly authored with M.Picard & L. Velautham in C Nygaard, N Courtney & L Frick (eds), Postgraduate education-form and function, Oxon., Libri Publishing, pp.149-166.


    2010     ‘Giving feedback on assignment writing to international students - the integration of voice and writing tools’.  In W.M.Chan, K.N.Chin, M.Nagami & T.Suthiwan (Eds.)  Media in foreign language teaching and learning Singapore: Centre for Language Studies, National University of Singapore, pp.355-381. 


    2010     ‘It’s all Greek to me! ‘Learning Guides’ as pathways to academic literacy for international  students at the University of Adelaide, Australia’, paper presented at “ESP/ EAP Innovations in Tertiary Settings: Proposals and Implementations” [CD-ROM] 2nd ESP/ EAP Conference, Kavala Institute of Technology, Greece. May 21-23.


    2009     Doing it the Wimba way - an initial evaluation of a voice tool for learning, ERGO (The Journal of the Education Research Group of Adelaide), vol.1, no.2, February 2009, pp.59-72.


    2009     ‘Embedding ‘Learning Guides’ in a flexible delivery model: A pilot study to improve international students’ academic acculturation at an Australian university’ jointly authored with D. Velliaris at The 20th ISANA International Education Conference, 1-4 December 2009, Hotel Realm, Canberra, paper 11, pp. 1-7.


    2008     ‘Giving feedback on assignment writing to international students- the integration of voice and writing tools’, in Proceedings of the Third CLS International Conference: CLaSIC 2008, Media in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching and Learning [CD-ROM], National University of Singapore, 4-7 December, pp.606-634.


    2007    'The Pre-enrolment English Program: Integrating experiential learning with language development to acculturate Japanese students studying at an Australian University'. KASELE Bulletin. Vol.35, pp. 189-201. (The Kyusyu Academic Society of English Language Education).


    2006    'The Pre-enrolment English Program (PEP)-A Reality of Learner-Centredness'. In Processes and Process-Orientation in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. W.M. Chan, K.N. Chin, P. Martin-Lau, M. Nagami, T. Suthiwan & M. Suzuki (eds). The National University of Singapore, pp. 884-897.  




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