Dr Robert Asenstorfer

 Position Postdoctoral Fellow
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Email robert.asenstorfer@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7227
 Location Floor/Room B 10 ,  Waite ,   Waite
  • Research Interests

    Cereal Grain Biochemistry

    • Identification of pigments involved in the formation of the yellow colour in alkaline noodles at high pH.
    • Investigation of factors that influences the colour of pasta.

    Wine Chemistry

    • Properties of anthocyanins and related pigments and their effect on wine colour.
  • Publications

    Ahmad, F.T., Mather, D.E., Law, H-Y., Li, M., Yousif, S.A.J., Chalmers, K.J., Asenstorfer, R.E., Mares, D.J. (2015) Genetic control of lutein esterification in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain, J. Cereal Sci. 64:109-115

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Appelbee, M.J., Kusznir, C.A., Mares, D.J. (2014) Toward an understanding of mechanisms involved in non-polyphenol oxidase (non-PPO) darkening in yellow alkaline noodles (YAN) J. Agric. Food Chem. 62(20):4725-4730

    Ahmad, F.T., Asenstorfer, R.E., Soriano, I.R. and  Mares, D.J. (2013) Effect of temperature on lutein esterification and lutein stability in wheat grain,  J. Cereal Sci. 58(3): 408-413

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Jones, G.P., Laurence, G., Zoppi, U. (2011) Authentication of red wine vintage using bomb-pulse 14C, Progress in Authentication of Food and Wine (Edited by Ebeler, S., et al.), ACS Symposium Series 1081: 89-99

    Lambert, S.G., Asenstorfer, R.E., Williamson, N.M., Iland, P.G., Jones, G.P. (2011) Copigmentation between malvidin-3-glucoside and some wine constituents and its importance to colour expression in red wine, Food Chem. 125: 106–115

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Appelbee, M.J. and Mares, D.J. (2010) Impact of Protein on Darkening in Yellow Alkaline Noodles, J. Agric. Food Chem.  58(7): 4500-4507

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Appelbee, M.J. and Mares, D.J. (2009) Physical-Chemical Analysis of Non-Polyphenol Oxidase (Non-PPO) Darkening in Yellow Alkaline Noodles, J. Agric. Food Chem.  57(12): 5556-5562

    Bahraminejad, S., Asenstorfer, R.E., Williams, K.J., Hayasaka, Y., Zwer, P.K., Riley, I.T., Schultz C.J. (2008) Metabolites correlated with cereal cyst nematode resistance in oats (Avena sativa) identified using single seed descent lines, Nematologia Mediterranea 32(2): 145-152.

    Bahraminejad, S., Asenstorfer, R.E., Riley, I.T. and Schultz, C.J. (2008) Analysis of the Antimicrobial Activity of Flavonoids and Saponins Isolated from the Shoots of Oats (Avena sativa L.), J. Phytopathology 156:1–7

    Asenstorfer, R.E. and Jones, G.P. (2007) Charge equilibria and pK values of 5-carboxypyranomalvidin-3-glucoside (vitisin A) by electrophoresis and absorption spectroscopy, Tetrahedron 63(22): 4788-4792

    Asenstorfer, R.E. and Mares, D.J. (2006) 4,4'-Dihydroxy-3,3',5,5'-tetramethoxyazodioxybenzene: an unexpected dimer formed during hydroxylamine extractions of wheat flour, Tetrahedron 62(39): 9289-9293

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Lee, D.F. and Jones, G.P. (2006) Influence of structure on the ionisation constants of anthocyanin and anthocyanin-like wine pigments, Analytica Chimica Acta 563(1-2): 10-14

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Wang, Y. and Mares, D.J. (2005) Chemical Structure of flavonoid components in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) flour that contribute to the yellow colour of Asian alkaline noodles, J. Cereal Sci. 43: 108-119

    Lee, D.F., Swinny, E.E., Asenstorfer, R.E. and Jones, G.P. (2004) Factors affecting the formation of red wine pigments, Red Wine Color: Revealing The Mysteries, ACS Symposium Series 886: 125-142

    Soriano, I.R., Asenstorfer, R.E., Schmidt, O. and Riley, I.T. (2004) Inducible flavone in oats (Avena sativa) is a novel defense against plant-parasitic nematodes, Phytopathology 94(11): 1207-1214

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Morgan, A.L., Hayasaka, Y., Sedgley, M. and Jones, G.P. (2003) The purification of anthocyanins from Banksia and Acacia species using high voltage paper electrophoresis, Phytochemical Analysis 14(3): 150-154

    Jones, G.P., Swinny, E.E., Asenstorfer, R.E., Iland, P.G. and Markides, A.J. (2003) Factors affecting the formation of red wine pigments, Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 225: U71-U71 AGFD-014 Part 1

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Markides, A.J., Iland, P.G. and Jones, G.P. (2003) Formation of vitisin A during red wine fermentation and maturation, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 9(1): 40-46

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Iland, P.G., Tate, M.E. and Jones G.P. (2003) Charge Equilibria and pKa's of malvidin-3-glucoside by electrophoresis, Analytical Biochemistry 318: 291-299

    Hayasaka, Y. and Asenstorfer, R.E. (2002) Screening for potential pigments derived from anthocyanins in red wine using nanoelectrospray tandem mass spectrometry, J. Ag. Food Chem. 50: 756-761

    Asenstorfer, R.E., Hayasaka, Y., and Jones G.P. (2001) Isolation and structures of oligomeric wine pigments by bisulphite mediated ion-exchange chromatography, J. Ag. Food Chem. 49: 5957-5963

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