Associate Professor Robyn Davidson

Associate Professor Robyn Davidson
 Position Associate Head Teaching & Learning
 Org Unit Business School Office
 Telephone +61 8 8313 8373
 Location Floor/Room 13 29 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Associate Professor Robyn Davidson is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Education Specialist and member of the Adelaide Academy. Robyn is the Adelaide Business School Associate Head Learning and Teaching. Robyn has over 20 years of teaching experience across various financial accounting and information systems courses in Adelaide and offshore in Singapore and China in addition to conducting an annual European accounting and finance study tour. Robyn is a member of the University's College of Reviewers and regularly conducts peer reviews of teaching. She has won teaching awards at University and Faculty level and mentored award winning staff. With a passion for lifelong learning Robyn continues to study educational and leadership related courses in order to enhance her own teaching practices and influence others. Robyn currently specialises in first year transition for international student with a focus on course design, motivating students to study well, and getting excited about accounting! Her current research interests are the scholarship of teaching and learning and technology use in teaching. She has published in education, information systems and business journals.


  • Qualifications

    Currently enrollred in Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Innovation)

    2013  Graduate Certificate in Online Learning (Higher Education)

    2012  Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education)

    2005  Doctor of Philosophy (Electronic Commerce)

              Thesis: Electronic Service Quality Gaps in Australian Wineries

    2001  Bachelor of Commerce (Hons 1st class)
              Thesis: Information Systems Risk Analysis for Smaller South Australian Public Accounting


    1998  Bachelor of Commerce (majors in Accounting and Computer Science)

    1996  Advanced Diploma in Accounting

  • Awards & Achievements

    Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy


    University of Adelaide

    2018 Faculty Executive Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching

    2016 Beacon Commendation for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning

    2016 Adelaide College of Reviewers

    2016 Adelaide Education Academy, Inaugural member

    2016 Adelaide Education Specialist appointment

    2013 The Fred McDougall Award for Postgraduate Teaching


    Flinders University

    2006 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

    2005 School of Commerce Auditor-General’s Department Prize for Research and Publishing

    2001 Australian Postgraduate Award

    2000 University Medal

    2000 Chancellor's Letter of Commendation

    1999 Golden Key Honour Society Scholarship

    1998 The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia Prize in Accounting

    1998 The Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants' Prize in Accounting

    1998 Chancellor's Letter of Commendation

    1997 Chancellor's Letter of Commendation

  • Teaching Interests

    • Intermediate Financial Reporting (M)
    • Accounting Concepts and Methods (M)
    • Information Systems 1
    • Commercial Law and Information Systems (M)
  • Research Interests

    Areas of research

    • Learning and teaching scholarship
    • Technology use in teaching
    • Web 2.0 technologies
    • Electronic service quality
    • Website effectiveness
    • Business models
    • e-Collaboration


    PhD completions

    Susan Lambert
    Principal supervisor Prof Lee Parker at UniSA
    Completed 2011
    “Progressing Business Model Research Towards Mid-Range Theory Building”

    Mohd Hisham Mohd Sharif
    Principal supervisor Dr Indrit Troshani
    Completed 2015
    “Social Media Adoption and Impact in Australian Local Government"

    Jessica Yi
    Co-supervisor Assoc Prof Janice Loftus
    Completed 2018

    Identification of Predictor Variables via the Elastic Net and the Prediction of Loan Default

    Wei Xu
    Co-supervisor Dr Chee Cheong
    Completed 2019
    "Corporate Selective Hedging Behaviour with a Firm's Internal and External Contextual Environments"

    PhD candidates

    Yuxi Wei
    Co-supervisor Assoc Prof Bryan Howieson
    Commenced July 2015
    Working title: "Chinese Accounting Students' Previous Experiences and Performance in Australian Universities". 

    Honours & MBR completions

    Wei Xu
    Jointly supervised with Dr Chee Cheong
    Completed 2013 (1st class)
    "The Impact of Operating leases Capitalization on Financial Statements and Value Relevance: Australian Evidence"

    Yuxi Wei
    Jointly supervised with Assoc Prof Bryan Howieson
    Completed 2014
    (1st class)
    "Chinese Accounting Students’ Motivations and Strategies to Assessments"

    Jingjing Xu
    Completed 2015
    "Innovation of eLearning: The adoption of a pedagogical intervention in a core accounting course"

  • Research Funding

    • 2017 University of Adelaide, Faculty of Professions Program Renew Grant. Expanding experiential learning processes in finance coursework, $22,000
    • 2017 University of Adelaide, Faculty of Professions Learning Development Grant. Mandarin Learning Support Pilot in ACCTING 7019 Accounting Concepts and Methods, $3,000
    • 2013 Univesity of Adelaide, Faculty of Professions Learning Development Grant. Development of eLearning resources, $10,000
    • 2008 Flinders Univesity, University Transition Grant, $4,000
    • 2007 Flinders University, Early Career Researcher Grant, 8,000
  • Publications


    Refereed Journal Articles


    • Xu, W., Davidson, R.A. and Cheong, C.S. (2017) "Converting financial statements: operating to capitalised leases", Pacific Accounting Review, Vol.29, No.1, pp.34-5.
    • Sharif, M. H. M., Troshani, I., Davidson, R. (2016) "Determinants of social media impact in local government", Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, Vol.28, No.3.
    • Davidson, R.A. (2015) "Wiki Use That Increases Communication and Collaboration Motivation: A reflection several semesters later", Journal of Learning Design, Vol.8, No.3. pp. 92-105. 
    • Mohd Sharif, M.H., Troshani, I. and Davidson, R.A.  (2015) "Public Sector Adoption of Social Media", Journal of Computer Information Systems, Vol.44, No.4.
    • Lambert, S.C. & Davidson, R.A. (2013) "Application of the Business Model in Studies of Enterprise Success, Innovation and Classification: An analysis of empirical research from 1996 to 2010", European Management Journal, Vol.31, pp. 668-681.
    • Davidson, R.A. (2012) "Wiki Use That Increases Communication and Collaboration Motivation", Journal of Learning Design, Vol.5, No.2. pp. 38-49. 
    • Davidson, R.A. (2009) "A Longitudinal Study of Australian Winery Websites", Asian Pacific Management Review, Vol.14, No.4.
    • Tilt, C. Davidson, R. & Tilling, M. (2008) "NGO Communication and Activism via Electronic Media: Australian Evidence", Third Sector Review, Vol. 14, No.2, pp.75-96.
    • Davidson, R.A. & Lambert, S.C. (2004) "Applying the Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standard to Information Systems in SMEs", Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 12, No.1, September, pp. 4 - 17.

    Book Chapters


    • Davidson, R, Snelling, K,  Karanicolas, S, Crotti, T & Phillips, B (2019) Authentic Assessment as a Tool to Bridge the Transition Between Learning and Work, chapter in Employability via Higher Education: Sustainability as Scholarship, Editor: Alice Diver, Springer International Publishing, 255-274.
    • Sharif MHM, Troshani I, and Davidson R.A. (2018) "Determinants of Social Media Impact in Local Government", chapter in Media Influence: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice. Editors: Management Association,Information, 141-164. IGI Global, USA.
    • Sharif MHM, Troshani I, and Davidson R.A. (2015) “Adoption of Social Media Services: The case of local government organizations in Australia”, chapter in Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. 3-4: 1697-1713.
    • Sharif MHM, Troshani I, Davidson R.A. (2015) “Adoption of social media services: The case of local government organizations in Australia” chapter in Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. 2-4: 900-916.
    • Mohd Sharif, MHM, Troshani, I. and Davidson, R.A. (2014) "Adoption of Social Media Services: The Case of Local Government Organisations in Australia" chapter in Handbook of Reseach on Demand-Driven Web Services: Theory, Technologies, and Applications, Editors: Sun TE, Yearwood J . 1, 287-303. IGI Global, United States.

    Refereed Conference Papers


    • Davidson, R.A. (2017) “Diversity: the balancing act – just how diverse should we be?”, In proceedings of The 2018 RMIT Accounting Educators’ Conference, Melbourne, 20 Nov.
    • Sharif, M.H., Davidson, R.A. and Troshani, I. (2013) "Exploring Social Media Adoption in Australian Local Government Organizations", In proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Information Resources Management (CONF-IRM 2013), Natal, Brazil, July 22-24. Available
    • Davidson, R.A. & Lambert, S.C. (2012) “Wiki Based Teamwork: An Innovation in Student Learning and Assessment”, In proceedings of Canada International Conference on Education (CICE2012), Guelph, Canada, June 18-21.
    • Davidson. R.A. (2011) “Ethics! Teaching ethics to accounting students”, In Proceedings of Annual Summit on Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (ASBES), Kuching, Malaysia, Oct.
    • Davidson. R.A. (2011) “Facilitating the enhancement of communication and collaboration skills in accounting students”, AFAANZ Accounting Educators SIG, Darwin, June. 
    • Davidson. R.A. (2010) "Using Web 2.0 Technology to Enhance Student Learning", In Proceedings of The Annual International Conference on Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology Conference (CSEIT) 2010, Phuket, 6-7 Dec.
    • Davidson. R.A. (2010) "Enhancing Graduate Attributes in Accounting Students", In Proceedings of The RMIT Accounting Educators’ Conference, Melbourne, 15 Nov.
    • Willison. J., Jerram. C., Davidson. R. & Foley. B. (2010) " ‘Team Based Learning’: students do read in advance and transform lectures into zones of analytical discussion", In Proceedings of the 5th ERGA Conference (Education Research Group of Adelaide), Adelaide, 23-24 Sept.
    • RaoHill, S., Troshani, I. & Davidson, R.A. (2009) "Developing an e-collaboration framework for knowledge sharing in the Australian wine-making industry", In proceedings of ACIS2009, Dec 2-4, Melbourne, Australia.
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    • Davidson, R.A. (2008) "Changes in Australian Winery Websites Over a Five Year Period ", In proceedings of Bled e Conference: Overcoming Boundaries through Multi-Channel Interaction, June 15-18, Bled, Slovenia.
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    • Davidson, R.A. (2007) "Australian Winery Websites: Moving Towards Satisfied Customers", In proceedings of e-CASE (electronic commerce, administration, society, and education), Hong Kong, August 15 – 17.
    • Tilt C.A., Tilling M.V. and Davidson R. (2006) "NGO Activism via Websites", paper presented at the Australasian Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research, Wellington, New Zealand, 22-24 November.
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    • Davidson, R.A. & Lambert, SC (2002) "Information System Security and Risk Management for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises", Proceeding of SEAANZ Conference, June 22-24, Adelaide.
  • Professional Associations

    • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
    • Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA)
    • Member of the Association of Information Systems (AIS)
    • Member of Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Community Engagement

    University Representation


    • 2017-present day Adelaide Institute of Higher Education Academic Board
    • 2017-present day Torrens University Academic Advisory Board
    • 2016-present day Eynesbury College Academic Board
    • 2010-2013 National Institute of Accountants (NIA) SA/NT Divisional Councillor
    • 2009-2012 Member of the SACE Accounting Curriculum Leaders Group.
    • 2008-2009 Future SACE Accounting Reference Group Committee. Designing the curriculum for the new Stage 1 and 2 SACE Accounting subject.
    • 2008 Flinders University representative at the annual CPA Joint Universities Committee Meeting.
    • Member of the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology(DFEEST) panels for assessing applications. (Assessing accreditation requirements for Bradford College to deliver the course Bachelor of Business and assessing Kaplan Business School. Assessing re-registration to deliver the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.)

    Conference Organisation and Reviewing


    • Member of the International Committee Board, The 2007, 2008 International Conference on electronic Commerce, Administration, Society, and Education, (eCase2007, eCase2008).
    • Member of Programme Committee of the 2nd International Conference on Information Management and Business (IMB2006), 13-16 February, 2006, Sydney, Australia. Organised by University of Western Sydney and Australian Computer Society.
    • Reviewer for the International Bled eCommerce conference and CollECTeR (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research) conferences in Australia and Europe since 2005.
    • Reviewed numerous articles for the Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, Journal of Learning Design and others on an ad hoc basis
    • Reviewed text books for various publishers and contributed teaching materials to supplement the text “Accounting in Context” by Potter, Libby, Libby and Short (2009) published by McGraw Hill.

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