Professor Roger Seymour

Professor Roger Seymour
  • Qualifications

    University of California, Los Angeles.  Zoology. 1968-1972  (PhD.)

    University of California, Riverside.  Zoology. 1965-1967  (BA.)



  • Awards & Achievements

    DSc, University of Adelaide (2001)

    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Lifetime Research Prize (2006)

  • Research Interests

    Quantitative interactions and exchanges between organisms and their environments, with a broadly based comparative and evolutionary approach.

    Respiration, metabolism and energetics of vertebrate embryos.

    Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology of animals, particularly vertebrates.   Emphasis has been placed on the roles of diffusion and convection of respiratory gases in animals in extreme environments, for example, diving and burrowing species.

    Comparative thermoregulation of diverse organisms, including plants and insects.

    Physiology and biology of fossil vertebrates, including archosaurs and human relatives.

  • Publications

    Ten most significant publications (as first author)


    Seymour, R.S., V. Bosiocic and E.P. Snelling. 2016. Fossil skulls reveal that blood flow rate to the brain increased faster than brain volume during human evolution.  Roy. Soc. Open Sci. 3: 160305. [first evidence that cerebral metabolism and cognitive ability is not proportional to brain volume during hominin evolution]

    Seymour, R.S. 2010. Scaling of heat production by thermogenic flowers: limits to floral size and maximum rate of respiration.  Plant Cell Environ. 33: 1474-1485. [review summary of 35 years of my data on heat producing flowers]

    Seymour, R.S., C.L. Bennett-Stamper, S.D. Johnston, D.R. Carrier, and G.C. Grigg.  2004.  Evidence for endothermic ancestors of crocodiles at the stem of archosaur evolution.  Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 77: 1051-1067. [comprehensive physiological evidence of ancient endothermy in dinosaur relatives; highly cited]

    Seymour, R.S., C.R. White and M. Gibernau.  2003.  Heat reward for insect pollinators.  Nature (Lond.) 426: 243-244. [first demonstration and quantification of a substantial energy reward for beetles attracted to thermogenic flowers]

    Seymour, R.S. and A.J. Blaylock.  2000.  Invited perspectives: The principle of Laplace and scaling of ventricular wall stress and blood pressure in mammals and birds.  Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 73: 389-405.  [review of 20 years of my data collecting concerning the relationship between blood pressure, heart size and body mass in endotherms]

    Seymour, R.S. and P. Schultze-Motel.  1996.  Thermoregulating lotus flowers.  Nature (Lond.) 383: 305.  [first discovery of precise thermoregulation in a flower of a dicot plant]

    Seymour, R.S. and D.F. Bradford.  1995.  Invited Perspectives:  Respiration of amphibian eggs.  Physiol. Zool. 68:  1-25.  [summary of physiology and evolutionary constraints of gas exchange in amphibian embryos]

    Seymour, R.S., A.R. Hargens and T.J. Pedley.  1993.   Invited Review:  The heart works against gravity.  Amer. J. Physiol. 265 (Regulatory Integrative Comp. Physiol. 34):  R715-R720.  [resolution of a controversy regarding the physics of blood flow in collapsible vessels in real animals]

    Seymour, R.S. and H.B. Lillywhite.   1976.   Blood pressure in snakes from different habitats.   Nature (Lond.) 264:  664-666.  [first documentation of adaptive evolution of blood pressure in relation to aquatic, terrestrial or arboreal behaviour]

    Seymour, R.S.   1974.   How sea snakes may avoid the bends.   Nature (Lond.) 250:  489-490. [first description of a unique combination of cutaneous gas exchange and cardiac shunting that eliminates nitrogen while obtaining oxygen from the seawater]


    Research papers in peer-reviewed journals:


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