Dr Salvador Herrando-Perez

Dr Salvador Herrando-Perez
  • Biography/ Background


    + I am a quantitative ecologist interested in how to analyze and curate biodiversity data. In terms of study taxa or ecological discipline, I am definitely a generalist.
    + I am proficient in R programming, multivariate ordination and compilation of biological databases. I have published 30 peer-reviewed papers, lectured 15 postgraduate courses on multivariate statistics and described 4 species new to science. I hold a BSc in Biology/Zoology (1991), a MPhil in marine ecology (1992-1996), a PhD in demography (2007-2012), and have completed two postdocs in ecophysiology (2013-2015) and palaeoecology (2018-2020). Throughout, I have experienced 12 years of career interruptions mostly due to parenting responsabilities.
    + In my current postdoc with the Spanish National Research Council (January 2021 to January 2022), I am bioprospecting amphibians and their pathogens in Northern Spain using environmental DNA. And I write popular science on biodiversity and global change since 2011, resulting in more than 100 printed articles and blogs.
    + Listen a recent interview (in Spanish) on biodiversity and extinctions (Radio 4 / Radio Nacional de España)


    Below I show some aspects of ongoing research work.