Dr Salvador Herrando-Perez

Dr Salvador Herrando-Perez
  • Biography/ Background


    + I am a quantitative ecologist interested in the curation and analysis of biodiversity data. In terms of study taxa, habitat or ecological discipline, I am definitely a generalist.
    + I am proficient in R programming, multivariate ordination and compilation of biological databases. I have published 31 peer-reviewed papers, lectured 15 postgraduate courses on multivariate statistics and described 4 species new to science. I hold BSc in Biology/Zoology (1991), MPhil in marine ecology (1992-1996), PhD in population dynamics (2007-2012), and have completed two postdocs in ecophysiology (2013-2015) and palaeoecology (2018-2020). Throughout, I have experienced 12 years of career interruptions mostly due to parenting responsabilities.
    + I write popular science on biodiversity and global change since 2011, resulting in more than 100 printed articles and blogs.
    In my current postdoc with the Spanish National Research Council (January 2021 to January 2022), I am bioprospecting amphibian communities and their pathogens in Northern Spain using environmental DNA.
    + Listen a recent interview (in Spanish) on biodiversity and extinctions (Radio 4 / Radio Nacional de España)


    Below I show some aspects of ongoing research work.