Dr Sam Ridgway

Dr Sam Ridgway
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit School of Architecture & Built Environment
 Email sam.ridgway@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5836
 Location Floor/Room 4 72 ,  Horace Lamb Building ,   North Terrace
  • Publications


    Sam Ridgway, Architectural Projects of Marco Frascari: The Pleasure of a Demonstration (Farnham: Ashgate, Ashgate Studies in Architecture Series, 2015, Hardback, 140 pages, 28 colour and 17 B+W illustrations).

    To be re-published in paperback by Routledge. Planned publication date 23/09/2017.


    Marco Frascari believed that architects should design thoughtful buildings capable of inspiring their inhabitants to have pleasurable and happy lives. A visionary Italian architect, academic and theorist, Frascari is best-known for his extraordinary texts, which explore the intellectual, theoretical and practical substance of the architectural discipline.

    As a student in Venice during the late 1960s, Frascari was taught and mentored by Carlo Scarpa. Later he moved to North America with his family, where he became a fulltime academic. Throughout his academic career, he continued to work on numerous architectural projects, including exhibitions, competition entries, and designs for approximately 35 buildings, a small number of which were built.

    As a means of (re)constructing the theatre of imaginative theory within which these buildings were created, Sam Ridgway draws on a wide selection of Frascari’s texts, including his richly poetic book Monsters of Architecture, to explore the themes of representation, demonstration, and anthropomorphism. Three of Frascari’s delightful buildings are then brought to light and interpreted, revealing a sophisticated and interwoven relationship between texts and buildings.

    Contents: Foreword, David Leatherbarrow; Introduction; Representation: building drawings and drawing buildings; Demonstration: making the invisible visible; Anthropomorphism: human and architectural bodies; Master’s Apartment for the Class of 1925: demonstrations and monsters; Stanza Rossa: dream house; The Villa Rosa: angels and angles; Bibliography; Index.

    Review (from back cover): ‘Marco Frascari (1945-2013) was a remarkable architectural teacher whose absence is deeply felt by students and colleagues alike. Sam Ridgway's remarkable book, with the keen vision of a committed scholar and wise architect, offers invaluable insights on the relevance of Frascari's theory for practice through a careful analysis of his words and built works.’  Alberto Pérez-Gómez, McGill University, Canada

    Published Reviews

    Alexandra Brown, Review of Architectural Projects of Marco Frascari: The Pleasure of a Demonstration by Sam Ridgway, in Fabrications, 26 (1) (2016).

    Jonathan Hales, Review of Architectural Project of Marco Frascari: The Pleasure of a Demonstration by Sam Ridgway, in Interstices, 16 (December 2016). 


    Creative Work

    This short video is based on Chapter Six of my book Architectural Projects of Marco Frascari: The Pleasure of a Demonstration



    Book Chapters

    "Pleasurable Demonstrations Delightful Monsters: Marco Frascari's Apartment for the Class of 1925," in A Carefully Folded Ham Sandwich: Towards a Critical Phenomenology, edited by Roger Connah, FAD Design House, Montreal, 2013, pp. 72-85.



    “Drawing on Light,” in From Models to Drawings: On Representation in Architecture, Marco Frascari, Jonathan Hale, Bradley Starkey, (eds.), Routledge, 2007.



    “Constructing Difference: Building the Meridien Bank in Lusaka.” In De-placing difference : architecture, culture and imaginative geography / edited by Samer Akkach ; introductions by Peter Scriver, Gülsüm Baydar Nalbantoğlu and Samer Akkach.; 2002. University of Adelaide. Centre for Asian & Middle Eastern Architecture. International Symposium 2002 : Adelaide, S. Aust.) Samer Akkach


    Journal Articles

    “The Representation of Construction,” Architectural Theory Review, 14, 3 (November 2009).



    “Drawing Construction: Reflections on the Work of Alberto Pérez-Gómez,” Architectural Theory Review, 11, 2 (November 2006). 



    “The Imagination of Construction,” Architectural Research Quarterly, 9, 3/4 2005. 



    “Constructing Tales: Sam Ridgway Interviews Marco Frascari (Washington/Alexandria May 2004)” Architectural Theory Review, 10, 2 (November 2005). 



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    Being Technological: Heidegger and Mass-Produced Houses.” Architectural Theory Review, 2, 2 (November 1997).


    “Architecture and the Myth of Neutral Technology.” Exedra 4, 2 (1993).


    Conference Papers

    "A Theatre of Architectural Monsters," presented at the third Frascari Symposium - Ceilings and Dreams: The Architecture of Levity, Washington Alexandria Architecture Center, 21 - 22 April 2017.  http://jlacoe.wixsite.com/frascarisymposiumiii

    "Demonstrations – Three Frascari Projects," Presented at Towards a Critical Phenomenology: The first Frascari Symposium, Carleton University Ottawa, February 2013.

    “The Imagination of Construction,” Architectural Humanities Research Association Annual International Conference 2005,Models and Drawings: The Invisible Nature of Architecture, School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham, (November 2005).

    “Starting from Scratch: Building the Meridien Bank in Lusaka.” Additions, Proceedings of the XIX conference of SAHANZ (The Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand), Brisbane (4-7 October 2002).

    “Heidegger and the Nature of Mass-Produced Houses.” On What Ground(s)?, Proceedings of the Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand (1997).



    On Common Ground: Sam Ridgway Interviews David Leatherbarrow,” Architectural Theory Review, 9, 2 (November 2004).


    “Sam Ridgway and Richard Francis-Jones: A Conversation,” Architectural Theory Review, 8, 1 (April 2003).



    Articles in Professional Journals

    “Fish Bones.” Architecture Bulletin 2.03 (March/April 2003).

    “The Big End of Town.” Architecture Australia (Sept./Oct 2002).

    “Roma Mitchell Arts Centre, Adelaide: The Pleasure of Light,” Monument 45 (December 2001).

    Book Reviews 

    Review of Concrete Poetry: Concrete Architecture in Australia by Joe Rollo, Foreword by Cecil Balmond. Architecture Australia (Sept/Oct 2004).

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