Dr Sandeep Moola

Dr Sandeep Moola
 Position Research Fellow
 Org Unit Joanna Briggs Institute
 Email sandeep.moola@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 0314
 Location Floor/Room 3 ,  WCH - Norwich Centre ,   Womens & Childrens Hospital
  • Biography/ Background

    I have a clinical background in dentistry. Following my stint as a practising dentist, I obtained a Master's degree in Health Services Management and a Master of Philosophy degree in Evidence-Based Health care. I am currently working as a Research Fellow within the Implementation Science Team at the Joanna Briggs Institute/School of Translational Health Science, Adelaide.

    I have worked in JBI in various roles that involved undertaking systematic reviews and literature reviews and writing evidence summaries, review summaries and ‘Best Practice Information Sheets'. Currently I am involved in administering and managing ‘Surgical Services' and 'Tropical and Infectious Disease' nodes of JBI COnNECT Plus (an online source for evidence-based information related to various specialties). I am assisting in developing short course online modules. I have contributed to various consultancy research projects funded by external organisations like Cancer Australia and NSW Health.


  • Qualifications

    BDS MHSM (Hons) MPhil PhD Candidate

  • Research Interests

    Evidence Based Healthcare

    Systematic Reviews

    Oral Health

    Research Methods

    Evidence Translation and Implementation

  • Research Funding

    External consultancy review project for the Children, Youth and Women's Health Service organisation - An evidence-based structured literature review on "Home delivered and community-based interventions to improve parenting skills, health and wellbeing of rural families, with a focus on Indigenous communities".

    External consultancy research project for Cancer Australia - Risk factors for lung cancer: A systematic review.

    External consultancy research project for New South Wales Health - Unplanned hospital readmission rates and their use in clinical practice and health service management: a rapid review.


  • Publications

    Munn Z, Moola S, Riitano D, Lisy K. The development of a critical appraisal tool for use in systematic reviews addressing questions of prevalence. Int J Health Policy Manag. 2014; 3(3): 123–128.


    The Joanna Briggs Institute (Munn Z, Moola S, Lisy K, Riitano D). The Systematic Review of Prevalence and Incidence Data. The Joanna Briggs Institute Reviewers’ Manual 2014. The Joanna Briggs Institute. Adelaide, Australia.

    Amoah G, Moola S, Newman-Nartey M. Treatment of primary teeth using formocresol pulpotomy for patients attending a University Dental School Clinic: best practice implementation project. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 2014; 12 (6): 477-491.


    Moola S, Pearson A, Mejia G. A comprehensive systematic review of evidence on the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of management of dental anxiety and dental fear in paediatric and adult patients: a systematic review protocol. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews. 2012; 10 (56), Suppl.

    Aromataris E, Moola S. Book 9: Synthesizing Evidence of Harm. 2012. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/ Joanna Briggs Institute. Wolters Kluwer. Philadelphia.

    Moola S, Lockwood C. Effectiveness of strategies for the management and/or prevention of hypothermia within the adult perioperative environment. International Journal of Evidence Based Healthcare. 2011; 9: 337-345.


    Moola S, Pearson A and Hagger C. The effectiveness of music interventions on dental anxiety in paediatric and adult patients – A systematic review. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews 2011; 9 (18): 588-630.

    Moola S. Invited Editorial: Evidence-based practice. OBJN. 2010; 9 (2).

    Moola S, Lockwood C. The effectiveness of strategies for the management and/or prevention of hypothermia within the adult perioperative environment: systematic review. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews 2010; 8 (19): 752-792.

    Moola S, Konno R. A systematic review of the management of short-term indwelling urethral catheters to prevent urinary tract infections. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews 2010; 8 (17): 695-729.

    MOOLA S. (2010) Review Summaries: Enuameh Y., Abokyi L. & Adjei G. (2010) The experience of living with chronic manifestations of lymphatic filariasis among patients 15 years and older in developing countries: a systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(12), 2620-2626.

    MOOLA S. (2010) Review Summaries: Wright J.M. & Musini V.M. (2009) First-line drugs for hypertension. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(3), 495-499.

    MOOLA S. (2010) Review Summaries: Kao L.S., Meeks D., Moyer V.A. & Lally K.P. (2009) Peri-operative glycaemic control regimens for preventing surgical site infections in adults. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(1), 16-21.

    MOOLA S. (2009) Review Summaries: Gillespie L.D., Robertson M.C., Gillespie W.J., Lamb S.E., Gates S., Cumming R.G. & Rowe B.H. (2008) Interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65(11), 2293-2298.

    MOOLA S. (2009) Review Summaries: Smith L., Medves J., Harrison M.B., Tranmer J. & Waytuck B. (2009) The impact of hospital visiting hours policies on paediatric and adult patients and their visitors. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65(11), 2293-2298.

    MOOLA S. (2009) Review Summaries: Allen D., Gillen E. & Rixson L. (2009) The effectiveness of integrated care pathways for adults and children in healthcare settings. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65(9), 1817-1822.

    MOOLA S. (2009) Review Summaries: Jull A.B., Rodgers A. & Walker N. (2008) Honey as a topical treatment for wounds. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65(8), 1606-1610.

    "Private Health Insurance: the people's thoughts" poster accepted for Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA) conference 2007.

    "E-Health is more than optimizing individual patient records" paper written by Brown C and Moola S and presented by Brown C at the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA), Boston 2007 conference.


  • Community Engagement

    I was involved in various oral health promotion programs and dental check-up camps .

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