Professor Sandra Hodge

Professor Sandra Hodge
 Position Head Chronic Lung Disease Research Lab
 Org Unit Adelaide Medical School
 Telephone +61 8 8222 3443
 Location Floor/Room WS7058.01 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Professor Sandra Hodge is a Beacon Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide and Head of the Chronic Inflammatory Lung Disease Research Lab at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She is recognised internationally as the first to describe a failure in the capacity of airway macrophages to phagocytose apoptotic bronchial epithelial cells and bacteria and its pro-inflammatory consequences in the airway in severe, treatment refractory chronic lung diseases including COPD/emphysema, neutrophilic asthma, childhood bronchiectasis and chronic lung transplant rejection, and identification and translation of macrophage-targeted therapies. Her experience in the field of Immunology and Cell Biology has spanned 3 decades and incorporates experience in Microbiology, Cytology, Serology, Histopathology and Lung Function.

    Publications (refer Attachment)

    Prof Hodge has published 116 refereed manuscripts (80 as 1st or senior author) and 183 conference papers. Her work is highly cited by world-renowned experts and in top ranking journals, resulting in international collaborations, awards, speaker invitations, participation in Drug Discovery meetings and translation to clinical trial (features include MDLinx; subject of Respirology editorial 2013:17:p739; selection for Faculty of 1000 medicine; identification as being of special interest to the drug development sector and featured online, presentation in International Innovation Report and feature on Pubadvanced).

    Her data has been translated to three human clinical trials. Findings from a large randomised controlled clinical trial of the macrolide antibiotic, Azithromycin, (published in Thorax 2017) identified Azithromycin as a useful add-on therapy in persistent severe symptomatic asthma; however the chronic use of antibiotics has the potential to lead to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For this reason she has recently focussed on two new macrolides which lack antibiotic but retain anti-inflammatory properties (in collaboration with Gilead Sciences, USA) and exciting proof-of-concept findings have been recently published in the Am J Physiol.

    Grants and awards (refer attachment):

    Since 2000, Prof. Hodge's salary, and those of her team have been 100% funded by competitive grants (total funding for career $15,980,192 [$750,500.00 relinquished] $14 mill as of 27/2/17 excluding AI). These include major national grants (NHMRC: 8 as CI), grants from specialist agencies (Asthma Australia, Australian Respiratory Council, Cancer Council, CellCept, TSANZ/Allan Hanbury's Respiratory Research Fellowship, TSANZ Robert Pierce GIA for Indigenous Lung Health, ALF/Boehringer Ingelheim Chronic Airflow Limitation Research Fellowship, Ch7 Children's Research Foundation, Brine Bequest, and state competitive schemes including Adelaide Medical School Investment for Success Near Miss Funding.

    Career highlights
    • Elected to Board of Directors of the peak professional respiratory body for Australia and New Zealand (Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ))
    • Award: Silver Pin for service to TSANZ
    • Convenor: Cell Biology/Immunology SIG TSANZ
    • Research Committee member: TSANZ
    • NHMRC GRP since 2012
    • Parliamentary Select Committee on E-cigarettes

    • Gilead Sciences
    • Australian Red Cross
    • AstraZeneca R&D
    • GlaxoSmithkline
    • Universities of Duisburg-Essen Germany, Tabuk Saudi Arabia, Gothenburg Sweden
    • National Research Institute on Food & Nutrition,
    • GlaxoSmithkline USA (2008),
    • Imperial College London

    Plenary Speaker
    • Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois Switzerland
    • International Lectin Society
    • National Jewish Medical Research, Denver
    • Denver University
    • GlaxoSmithkline
    • Asia Pacific Society for Respirology (APSR)/ American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP)
    • American Thoracic Society

    Invited International Plenary Speaker/ Visiting Professor (*Fully funded):
    • Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois Switzerland
    • Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.
    • National Jewish Medical Research, Denver, USA*.
    • University of Denver, USA*.
    • GlaxoSmithkline (USA) COPD Drug Discovery group*.
    Selected International speaker/Chair invitations (*fully funded)
    • American Thoracic Society -keynote speaker (Symposium "Coins for the Boatman: Is there a relationship between cell death, removal and disease?"*).
    • International Lectin Society -keynote speaker (Symposium "Clinical aspects of lectin biology")*.
    • Australasian Flow Cytometry Group (AFCG)/Australian Society Immunology/HLDA conference*.
    • Asia Pacific Society of Respirology/American College of Chest Physicians
    • American Thoracic Society *.
    • ERS COPD Research Award Ceremony Session Chair.
    • ERS Hot Topic "Innate and adaptive immunity in COPD" Session Chair.
    • AFCG Presidential address.

    International Conference Organizing Committees
    • American Thoracic Society.
    • Asia Pacific Society of Respirology/American College of Chest Physicians.
    • AFCG/ASI/The human leucocyte differentiation antigens (HLDA) workshops.
    • Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania.

    International Reviewing Roles
    • International Granting Bodies: British Lung Foundation, Wellcome Trust, GDRT UK, Medical Research Council UK, Hong Kong Grants Committee, Lung Foundation Netherlands.
    • Reviewer for all the top respiratory journals and several high impact general journals.
    • Editorial Board international journals Inflam & Allergy-Drug Targets.
    • Invited Chief Book Editor Macrophages in Chronic Lung Disease, Bentham 2010.
    National Peer recognition: (in addition to Awards as detailed above)
    • Member NHMRC GRP (2012-2016)
    • Invited participant TEVA respiratory Summit (2016).
    • Invited member Aust Mucosal Immunology Group (2016)
    Member major health policy advisory group TSANZ Research sub-committee (2009-2010), Board of Directors TSANZ 2017-
    • Convenor TSANZ Cell Biology and Immunology SIG (current)
    • National Secretary and National President AFCG.
    • Hanson Institute Early Career Researcher of the Year (2008).
    Organising Committee Scientific Conferences and national training programs: include TSANZ (2013-2016); Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania specialised flow cytometry workshop; AFCG/Australian Society Immunology/ HLDA conferences and workshops.
    • Science Meets Parliament, representing NHMRC (2008).
    • TSANZ National Education and Research sub-committee member (2010-2011).
    Reviewer National Granting Bodies- over 20 including NHMRC, Alfred Health, Actelion, Dust Diseases Board, ALF, TSANZ, Boehringer, Asthma Foundation, Astra Zeneca, Ludwig Engel.
    • Reviewer PhD 7 Australian Universities.
    Selected Invited Speaker Royal Adelaide Hospital Grand Round 2017, TSANZ Post Graduate Short Course 2017, TSANZ (2007-8), AFCG (2000, 2004), Newcastle Asthma Meeting (2008), Woolcock Institute (2013), Lyceum Club (2014), TSANZ SA/NT (2016).

    Research Translation/ Clinical Activities:
    • CI Royal Adelaide Hospital clinical study of Azithromycin in COPDl (2008);
    • CI and substudy leader, NHMRC-funded multicentre clinical trial of macrolides in Severe Asthma (2009-2016)
    • CI Royal Adelaide Hospital clinical study of low dose cyclosporin in COPD (2017-2018)
    • AI National Clinical CRE in Severe Asthma (2016-2020)
    • AI NHMRC-funded clinical trial of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy for chronic lung allograft dysfunction (2016-2020)
    • Community/health services: media presentations, weekly screening clinics for smokers.
    • Invited presentation to Parliamentary Select Committee on e-cigarettes (2015).


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    CategoriesMedicine & Medical Research
    Expertisechronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]; emphysema; asthma; cell biology; novel therapies
    NotesMy research has attracted >$9 million funding and translation to 2 clinical trials. International invitations include plenary speaker, session chair, conference organizing committees, policy meetings and journal editorial boards. Prestigious awards include ALF, Allan Hanburys, Boehringer, Hanson Institute. Industry engagement includes Advisor AstraZeneca R&D and GSK COPD Drug Discovery group.

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