Adjunct Professor Stefan Hiendleder

Adjunct Professor Stefan Hiendleder
 Position Adjunct Professor
 Org Unit School of Animal and Veterinary Science
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7814
 Location Floor/Room G ,  J.S. Davies ,   Roseworthy
  • Biography/ Background

    Stefan Hiendleder studied Animal Science 1982-1987 at Justus-Liebig University (JLU) of Giessen, Germany where he obtained a PhD (Dr.agr.) working on sheep endocrinology and cellular metabolism in 1989. He was appointed Assistant Professor Animal Breeding and Genetics at JLU in 1990. After sabbaticals at the Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan (1991) and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada (1993) he obtained a habilitation degree in Animal Genetics (Dr.agr.habil.) with a thesis on 'Isolation and Characterization of QTL Candidates in Ruminants' in 1996. He worked at JLU as Associate Professor until joining the Molecular Animal Breeding and Biotechnology Group at the Gene Center of the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich, Germany in 2001. Dr. Hiendleder focused on the emerging field of Epigenetics and completed a second habilitation degree in Reproductive Biotechnology and Functional Genomics ( with the thesis ‘Non-Mendelian Effects in Animal Biotechnology'. He was appointed JS Davies Professorial Fellow in 2005 and leads a research group investigating non-mendelian genetic and epigenetic effects in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Davies Research Centre and the Robinson Research Institute.

  • Qualifications (Habilitation) Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany

    Dr.agr.habil. (Habilitation) Justus-Liebig University Giessen (JLU), Germany

    Dr.agr. (PhD) JLU, Germany

    Dipl.-Ing.agr. (MSc Animal Science) JLU, Germany

  • Awards & Achievements

    Research Award Animal Biotechnology, Academy for Animal Health, Bonn, Germany (2004)

    Biotechnology in Animal Breeding Award, H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation, Hamburg, Germany (1999)

    Dissertation Award Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany (1990)

  • Teaching Interests

    • Genetics and Epigentics
    • Experimental Genetics
    • Conservation Genetics
    • Reproductive Biotechnology
    • Reproductive Physiology
  • Research Funding


    Research Funding last 10 years

    2013 - 2016
    ARC Linkage, ‘Epigenetic modifications in bovid adaptation to environmental change' A Cooper, CM Suter, M Wilkinson, S Hiendleder, B Llamas, JR Stephen, JF Taylor, DH Densham 554,000

    2011 - 2013
    NHMRC, ‘Preventing insulin resistance and obesity following fetal growth restriction' JA Owens, M DeBlasio, K Gatford, S Hiendleder 891,000

    2008 - 2012
    Qld Government Reinvestment Fund, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries ‘Precision beef cattle production through an alternative genetic approach' B Burns, S Hiendleder, A Herring 1,350,000

    2007 - 2009
    NHMRC, ‘Metabolic and molecular determinants of embryo viability' M Lane, S Hiendleder, M Mitchell 531,000

    2006 - 2008
    EU, 6th Framework Program, ‘Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding' S Hiendleder, E Wolf 518,000

    2006 - 2008
    DFG, ‘Co-culture experiments for the study of early embryo-maternal communication' S Hiendleder, M Boelhauve 215,000

    2005 - 2007
    BMBF, ‘Genetic and epigenetic control of bovine fetal growth' S Hiendleder, S Bauersachs, H-D Reichenbach 267,000

    2003 - 2005
    DFG, ‘Optimized co-culture system for bovine uterine epithelial cells' K Prelle, S Hiendleder 150,000

  • Publications

    Publications last 10 years

    1. Bebbere D, Bauersachs S, Fürst RW, Reichenbach H-D, Reichenbach M, Medugorac I, Ulbrich SE, Wolf E, Ledda S, Hiendleder S (2013). Tissue-specific and minor inter-individual variation in imprinting of IGF2R is a common feature of Bos taurus concepti and not correlated with fetal weight. PLoS One, Vol 8. No 4, e59564.

    2. Xiang R, Ghanipoor-Samami M, Johns WH, Eindorf T, Rutley DL, Kruk ZA, Fitzsimmons CJ, Thomsen DA, Roberts CT, Burns BM, Anderson GI, Greenwood PL, Hiendleder S (2013). Maternal and paternal genomes differentially affect myofibre characteristics and muscle weights of bovine fetuses at midgestation. PLoS One, Vol 8. No 1, e53402.

    3. Buckberry S, Bianco-Motto T, Hiendleder S, Roberts CT (2012). Quantitative Allele-Specific Expression and DNA Methylation Analysis of H19, IGF2 and IGF2R in the Human Placenta Across Gestation Reveals H19 Imprinting Plasticity. PLoS One, Vol 7. No 12, e51210.

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    5. Anand-Ivell R, Hiendleder S, Vinoles C, Martin GB, Fitzsimmons C, Eurich A, Hafen B, Ivell R (2011). INSL3 in the Ruminant: A Powerful Indicator of Gender- and Genetic-Specific Feto-Maternal Dialogue. PLoS One, Vol 6. No 5, e19821.

    6. Meadows JRS, Hiendleder S, Kijas JW. (2011) Haplogroup relationships between domestic and wild sheep resolved using a mitogenome panel. Heredity, Vol 106. No 4, pp 700-706.

    7. Ulbrich SE, Meyer SU, Zitta K, Hiendleder S, Sinowatz F, Bauersachs S, Büttner M, Fröhlich T, Arnold GJ, Reichenbach HD, Wolf E, Meyer HH (2011). Bovine endometrial metallopeptidases MMP14 and MMP2 and the metallopeptidase inhibitor TIMP2 participate in maternal preparation of pregnancy. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Vol 332. No 1-2, pp 48-57.

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    9. Ng HK, Novakovic B, Hiendleder S, Craig JM, Roberts CT, Saffery R (2010). Distinct patterns of gene-specific methylation in mammalian placentas: implications for placental evolution and function. Placenta, Vol 31. No 4, pp 259-268.

    10. Burns BM, Herring AD, Laing A, Fordyce G, Bertram J, Grant T, Hiendleder S. (2010). Unrecognized variation in gestation length and birth weight of Droughtmaster calves produced through fixed-time AI. Lucy MC; Pate JL; Smith MF; Spencer, TE (Ed). 8th International Symposium on Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants. Anchorage, AK, USA, Sept 2010. Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VII Book Series: Society of Reproduction and Fertility Vol 67. Pp 585-585.

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  • Professional Associations

    • International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG)
    • International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS)
    • Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR)
    • Society for Reproductive Biology (SRB)
  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesAnimals & Veterinary Science, Fertility & Reproduction
    ExpertiseAnimal Genetics; Animal Biotechnology; Non-Mendelian Inheritance; Epigenetics; Mitochondrial DNA; Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer; Cloning; Embryo; Fetus; Imprinting; Gene Expression; Evolution of Domestic Animals; Sheep; Cattle

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