Mr Stewart Coventry

Mr Stewart Coventry
 Position Research Associate
 Org Unit Plant Science
 Telephone +61 8 8313 6531
 Location Northern Barns 4a ,   Waite
  • Publications

    Coventry SJ, Sayed H, Grando S, Ceccarelli S, Baum M, Eglinton JK (2006) Understanding the adaptation of barley to the low rainfall environments of southern Australia. In 13th Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand’.

    Coventry SJ, Grando S, Ceccarelli S, Baum M, Sayed H, Barr AR, Eglinton JK (2005) Delivering Improved Varieties for Hostile Environments: Identification and Introgression of Genetically Different Sources of Adaptation to Low Rainfall Environments. In Proceedings of the 12th Australian Barley Technical Symposium, Hobart, Tasmania'.

    Coventry SJ, Sayed H, Baum M, Grando S, Ceccarelli S, Barr AR, Eglinton JK (2004) The Genetic Basis of Adaptation to Low Rainfall Environments in Australia. In Proceedings of the 9th International Barley Genetics Symposium, Brno, Czech Republic'. pp. 920-926.

    Coventry SJ, Barr AR, Eglinton JK, McDonald GK (2003) The determinants and genome locations influencing grain weight and size in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 54, 1103-1115.

    Coventry SJ, Collins HM, Barr AR, Jefferies SP, Chalmers KJ, Logue SJ, Langridge P (2003) Use of putative QTLs and structural genes in marker assisted selection for diastatic power in malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 54, 1241-1250.

    Coventry SJ, Barr AR, Eglinton JK, McDonald GK (2003) QTL analysis of grain weight and size - is there a future beyond developmental genes? In Proceedings of the 11th Australian Barley Technical Symposium, Glenelg, Adelaide. pp. 62-66.

  • Professional Interests

    • Genetic and physiological basis of adaptation and quality

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