Dr Teresa Burgess

 Position Senior Lecturer
 Org Unit School of Public Health
 Email teresa.burgess@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3468
 Mobile +61 4 2458 6826
 Location Floor/Room WS9067.02 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Teresa is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health. She holds qualifications in Primary Health Care (MPHC), Higher Education and Nursing Management and completed her PhD in 2016 which was a mixed methods study looking at health systems policy, practice and the experiences of individuals as they approached the end of their life. She also has extensive experience in the areas of primary health care and health services research.

    She is currently working on research exploring end of life care and advance care planning in vulnerable communities, in the context of public policy making

    She has worked on a diversity of programs including an examination of end of life care for people with COPD; the national evaluation of the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan; the Evaluation of GP Plus Health Networks in South Australia, resilience in early childhood development systems and a number of projects in the area of the quality assurance of learning and teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as the development of musculoskeletal competencies for medical students.


  • Qualifications

    PhD. Chronic disease management along the continuum of care: the role of the health system in supporting people with end stage chronic illness. 2016. University of Adelaide

    Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. 2008. University of Adelaide

    Master of Primary Health Care. 1998. Flinders University

    Graduate Diploma Nursing Management. 1992. University of Technology, Sydney

  • Awards & Achievements


    In 2018, Teresa was awarded the School of Public Health Award for Academic Leadership. She also received an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) in 2010.

  • Teaching Interests

    Teresa has co-ordinated a variety of public health courses including courses on public health advocacy, health policy and health services, health promotion, evaluation and qualitative research methods.

    She has also coordinated the Master of Public Health Research courses (including Dissertations and Theses) and MPH placement programs. She has also coordinated Internship and research placement courses in the undergraduate Health and Medical Sciences courses.


  • Research Funding

    Enhancing the online information and support on the GriefLink website for people bereaved or affected through suicide. Burgess, T; Brooksbank, M; Bull, M; Eliott, J; Laven, G; Traynor, M; Roach, D. (2018). South Australian Suicide Prevention Community Grants

    Social, ethical and economic consideration of smart technologies for ageing well. Burgess, T; Barrie, H; Baruanck-Mayer, A; Cebula, A; Treude, C. (2017). $20,000. Office of the Ageing

    Investigating the inclusion of vulnerable populations in Advance Care Planning: Developing complex and sensitive public policy. Eliott, J; Burgess, T; Dunbar, T; Olver, I; Richards, B; Crawford, G; Zivkovic; Faulkner D. (2017) $781,842.00. (NHMRC: $379,367.00; Partner contribution: $402,475.00) NHMRC Partnership Grant

    How can intersectoral collaboration between the health and education sectors be optimised? Braunack-Mayer A, O'Keefe M, Skinner S, McCaffery K, Burgess T, Marshall H, Watson M. (2010). $423,490.  ARC Linkage Grant

    A Needs Assessment of the support requirements for mid to late candidature International HDR Students and HDR students from Non English Speaking backgrounds (who have been in Australia for less than 10 years ) in the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Burgess TA, Braunack-Mayer A, Picard M and Niess C. (2009).  $3,500.00. University of Adelaide

    Informing the development of a model of care for patients with end stage COPD: what are their care needs and are they being met? Brooksbank M, Brown M, Crockett A, Burgess T, Crawford G.  (2008). $49,425.00.  NHMRC Palliative Care Grant

    Upgrading the GriefLink Website: content; accessibility; functionality and administrative efficiency.  Chapman J, Laven G, Burgess T, Bull M, Roach D, Marlowe J, Duszynski A.  (2007).  $10,000.  Community Benefit SA

  • Publications

    Book Chapters

    Burgess T. 2010. Chapter 12: Reforming Australia’s early childhood development systems – the role of resilience theory in “Resilience and TransformationCanberra: CSIRO

    Journal Articles

    1. Tooher R, Collins J, Braunack-Mayer A, Burgess T, Skinner SR, O'Keefe M, et al. Intersectoral collaboration to implement school-based health programmes: Australian perspectives. Health Promot Int. 2017. 32 (2): 312 - 321.

    2  O’Keefe, M., Wade, V.  McAllister, S., Stupans, I & Burgess, T. Improving management of student clinical placements: insights from activity theory. BMC Medical Education. 2016 16:219. DOI 10.1186/s12909-016-0747-5

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  • Professional Associations

    2016 - 2018 - Member, Executive Committee. PHAA (SA Branch)

    2009 – 2010 - Member, PHAA National Conference Organising Committee

    2002 – 2010 - Member – Executive Committee. PHAA (SA Branch)


    2019 - ongoing - SPH Academic Lead Internships

    2017 - ongoing - Academic Lead, Social and Behavioural Health Sciences Unit

    2016 - ongoing - Member, SPH Executive Committee

    2014 - ongoing - Member, SPH Program Board

    2011 – 2015 – Member, SPHCP Research Committee

    2005 – 2010 – Member, Year 4/5 Research Sub Committee, Faculty of Health Sciences

    2005 – 2010 – Member, Assessment Panel, Year 4/5 Research Proposal

  • Community Engagement


    2018 - ongoing - Secretary, GriefLink Management Committee.

    1998 - 2017 - Member, GriefLink Management Committee

    008 – 2010- Member, Executive of the SA Health Literacy Alliance

    2008 - 2011 - Member, South Australian Refugee Health Network (Management and Education Comittees)

    2005 – 2008 – Convenor, South Australian Refugee Health Network

    2003 – 2011 – Member, Education Sub Committee, South Australian Refugee Health Network


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