Dr Trent Johnson

Dr Trent Johnson
  • Biography/ Background

    Trent was the first person to graduate with the University of Adelaide's Master of Wine Business Degree. He has experience in the wine industry in both Australia and America in marketing and retail management and has lectured in the University's Wine Marketing and Wine Business programs. In 2013 he completed his PhD which was entitled " Regionality and drivers of consumer liking: the case of Australian Shiraz in the context of the Australian domestic wine market" under the supervision of Dr Sue Bastian. In his previous life, Trent was a senior manager in the Australian Public Service.

  • Research Interests

    • Consumer wine sensory preferences and their relationship to wine marketing
    • Market segmentation using Wine Related Lifestyle as the basis
    • Regional branding
    • Risk reduction strategies employed in wine purchasing
  • Publications



    Lukas Danner, Anna M. Crump, Alexander Croker, Joanna M. Gambetta, Trent E Johnson and Susan E. P. Bastian (2018)  Comparison of Rate-All-That-Applyand Descriptive Analysis for the Sensory Profiling of Wine.  Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 69(1), 12-21

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