Ms Ursula McGowan

Ms Ursula McGowan
 Position PhD Candidate
 Org Unit School of Education
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4745
 Location Floor/Room 8 17 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background


    MA (German) Adelaide

    Diploma of Education, University of Adelaide

    Graduate Diploma of Education - Multicultural Education, University of New England, Armidale



    Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Education

    PhD Candidate



    My professional experience includes

    - Lecturer in German Language and Literature

    - Teaching and administration of programs in


    o    English as a Second Language

    o    Multicultural Education

    o   Coordination of the academic Language and Learning Service for students

    o   Academic staff development

    My major research interest is the relationship between academic integrity, academic writing and inadvertent plagiarism; in particular 

    o    how students gain an understanding of evidence-based writing the University's research culture:

    o See: Research-Writing: Learning a writing skill and thereby avoiding plagiarism

    o   how students can learn ways of accelerating their own academic language development


    o how staff can develop inclusive strategies to improve learning by students from diverse backgrounds

        See: Sessional Teaching Program Resource, consisting of a series of 12 self-access Modules


    Research focus

    My current research focus is on piloting and evaluating an approach for assisting staff in inducting undergraduate students into the language and culture of research. My particular emphasis is to investigate to what extent discipline lecturers may assist students in developing skills in evidence-based writing through constructive feedback against probing assessment criteria.


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