Dr Ying Jiang

Dr Ying Jiang
 Position Lecturer
 Org Unit Media
 Email ying.jiang@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1400
 Location Floor/Room 9 23 ,  Napier Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Ying Jiang, grew up in China, studied and worked in Switzerland, Scotland and England before she came to Adelaide to pursue a doctoral degree in 2006. Ying is currently a lecturer with tenure in Media at the University of Adelaide. In 2008, Ying was selected as one of the 100 outstanding young Chinese leaders in the world by Hong Kong Dragon Foundation. Ying has worked for the United Nations Office (Switzerland), British Petroleum (England), and TV stations (China) before she decided to embark on an academic journey in Australia. Ying is also a research member of Soft Power Advocacy & Research Centre at Macquarie University, focussing on the use of social media in public diplomacy( http://www.arts.mq.edu.au/sparc). 

  • Qualifications

    PhD, University of Adelaide, Australia.

    BA(Journalism),MA (International Studies) Birmingham University, UK.

  • Awards & Achievements

    November to December 2013, Visiting Scholarship offered by School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University. 

    December 2008, Asia-Pacific Scholars ECR Workshops. Grant from Australian Reserach Council for travel to Melbourne University.

    December 2008, Overseas Research Scholarship. Grant from Adelaide Graduate Centre for travel to mainland China and Hong Kong.

    August 2008, Dragon 100 Outstanding Young Chinese Leaders. Award and Grant from Hong Kong Dragon Foundation.

    July 2006, Travelling Masterclass with Professor Toby Miller. Grant from Australian Research Council for travel to Murdoch University.  

  • Teaching Interests

    Semester 1 Professional Practice (Advanced level) Semester 2 Media Policy Media Law (Advanced level)

    Higher Degree Research Supervision on Social Media & Political Implications, Foucauldian Governmentality, Cyber-nationalism Studies, Cross-cultural Communication.

  • Research Interests

    Ying's research interests include the Internet development in China and its political implications; Cyber-nationalism; Social media and public relations; China's perception of Western media bias; Cross-cultural communication.

  • Research Funding

    Jiang, Y, May 2010, ECR publication grant. Grant from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Adelaide.

    Jiang, Y, Sun, XP& Ding, JJ, April 2010, Suqian City Grand Canal Cultural Town Project. Grant from Suqian City Council and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture.

    Jiang, Y, Chen, MD & Qi, YF, January 2010, Problems of and Strategies for Private Capital into China's Cultural Industries Research Project. Grant from Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China.

    Jiang, Y, December 2008, ECR training program. University of Melbourne. Grant from ARC, Australia.


  • Publications


    2012 , (sole author) Cyber-nationalism in China: Challenging Western Media Portrayal of Chinese Censorship. University of Adelaide Press, Adelaide.

    Journal articles and book chapters

    2015, (forthcoming) 'Chapter 6 Online Surveying', in Internet and New Media Research Methods, Beijing University Press.

    2013, 'Pursuing soft power options through the medium of Chinese international students in Australia in a digital age', in Soft Power of International Communication, edited by Chitty&Qing, MLeague International Publication Series.

    2015, (co-author with Bei Guo) 'Analyzing the coexistence of emerging transparency and tight political control on Weibo: case study of Weibo broadcast of Bo Xilai trial', Journal of International Communication, vol 21, issue 1, pp.78-108, 2015.

    2014, 'Reversed agenda-setting effects' in China: case studies of Weibo trending topics and the effects on state-owned media in China, Journal of International Communication, online version published on 22 May http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/BZAD8nq2qf3kq8jiB6Q8/full, printed version Issue 2, 2014.

    2013,  'The use of Weibo to connect Chinese communities in Australia by Australian politicians', Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, vol14, no1-2, pp.69-84. http://www.deakin.edu.au/arts-ed/apprj/vol14.php

    2013, (co-author with Griffiths, M. & Griffiths, M.), 'China, change and collaborative research', Communication, Politics & Culture, Vol 45.2, http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse/Our%20Organisation/Design%20and%20Social%20Context/Schools%20and%20groups/Media%20and%20Communication/Research/Publications/Communication,%20Politics%20%26%20Culture/Volumes/Volume%2045%202/.

    2013, 'China's netizens rail against western Media "bias"', Asian Currents, ISSN-1449-4418, Vol 88, 2013 Issue, pg 30-32. http://asaa.asn.au/publications/ac/2013/asian-currents-13-02.pdf.

    2012, 'Analysis on Australian politicians' use of Weibo', Today's Mass Media (Jin Chuan Mei), GAPP core Academic Journal(General Administration of Press and Publication of PRC), ISSN1672-8122, CN61-1430/G, Vol 12, 2012.

    2012 Co-editor, Special issue on China, Communication, Politics and Culture, December 2012, RMIT.

    2009, 'Brainwashed or Free of the Government's Intervention? Dissecting China's Young Generation's "Anti-Western" Sentiments', ASPAC, http://mcel.pacificu.edu/aspac/papers/scholars/jiang/.  

    2009, 'Selling Chinese Cultural Products Across National Boundaries', in Chinese Creative Cultual Industry Reference Book, Chinese Communication University Publishing, Beijing.

    2008, Chapter Reviewer of "Blogging in China", in Loewenstain, A (ed.) The Blogging Revolution. Melbourne University Publishing, Melbourne.  

    Interviews, Invited Talks and Other Academic Engagements

    November 2014, Invited presentation on "Social Media and Public Diplomacy: Scanning E-Diplomacy by Embassies on Chinese Social Media", The Australia-China Transcultural Studies Symposium, Adelaide.

    April 2014, Invited interview by VOA on "China's Censors Block Details on Environmental Protest", 04 April, http://www.voanews.com/content/chinas-censors-block-details-on-environmental-protest-/1886319.html.

    January 2014, Invited interview by Wall Street Journal on "Chen Guangbiao, Western Media and Chinese Nationalism", 07 January, http://m.us.wsj.com/articles/BL-CJB-20259.

    October 2013, Public talk on "Western Politicians' Use of Weibo", Friends of Library Events, University of Adelaide.

    October 2013, Presentation on "Creative Strategies of Bypassing Censorship on Weibo", Subversion and Censorship: From Plato to Wikileaks Conference, University of Adelaide.

    July 2013, Invited interview on "Chinese Nationalism on Speed" by Peter Harmsen, Weekendavisen (the oldest broadsheet and mainstream newspaper in Europe), 19 July.

    August 2012, Invited interview on "London Olympics and Social Media", Current Affairs, ABC Radio Australia, 09 August, http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/chinese/radio/onairhighlights/%E3%80%8A2012%E4%BC%A6%E6%95%A6%E5%A5%A5%E8%BF%90%E3%80%8B%E7%89%B9%E5%88%AB%E9%9F%B3%E9%A2%91%E8%8A%82%E7%9B%AE/989324.

    July 2012, Invited interview on "The Increase of Chinese Internet Users and its Implications", Current Affairs, ABC Radio Australia, 20 July,  http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/chinese/radio/onairhighlights/%E3%80%8A%E6%97%B6%E4%BA%8B%E8%BF%BD%E8%B8%AA%E3%80%8B%EF%BC%9A%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD%E4%BA%92%E8%81%94%E7%BD%91%E7%94%A8%E6%88%B7%E5%A4%9A%E8%BE%BE%E4%BA%94%E4%BA%BF%E5%A4%9A%E4%BA%BA/983964 ; .

    June 2012, Book proposal reviewer on New Communication Textbook for Oxford University Press.

    June 2012, Invited presentation on "Chinese social media and Weibo", hosted by Confucius Institute, University of Adelaide.

    May 2010, Invited presentation on Faculty's Research Forum for SA High Schools, University of Adelaide.

    July 2009, Presentation on International Conference"Cultural Typhoon", Tokyo Foreign Lauguage University, Japan.

    January 2009, Newspaper of Chinese Enterprise. Interview on the development of the cultural industry in China.

    December 2008, Invited presentation on "Creative China, Harmonious World", Cultural Industry International Forum, Beijing Communication University, China.

    December 2008, Presentation on "Situating and analyzing Chinese blogosphere", Globalization: Cultures, Institutions, and Socioeconomics, Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong.

    December 2008, Presentation on "How is Confucianism shaping Chinese nationalism today?".

    2008 ARCAPFRN Signature Event Conference: Globalising Religions and Cultures in the Asia Pacific, Adelaide.

    July 2008, Presentation on "Chinese national identity and its representation on the world stage". Exhibitionism:representing identities, Melbourne University.


  • Professional Associations

    ANZCA (Australian & New Zealand Communication Association) Membership 

    Association of Internet Researchers Membership

    Chinese Internet Research Membership

  • Community Engagement

    2011-current, guest commentator for ABC's radio program Current Affairs on media and China issues.2009-current,keynote simultaneous interpreter for the Chinese Mayors' Training Program in Australia, including official speech interpretation for high ranking government officials from both China and Australia, e.g. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC, Australian Federal Government Officials, current Australian State Premiers.2006-2009, Annual International Creative Industries Forum, simultaneous interpreter, opening and closing ceremony interpreter and host.

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