Find what you’re looking for with MyUni Search


MyUni has been updated with a new “Search” function that will be available to all users from 8thOctober 2019. 

Search helps you find what you need, when you need it, across courses you are enrolled in.

How can it help you?

Search helps students find documents, topics and concepts within their current courses or courses they have previously been enrolled in. This saves time recalling specific information when students need it the most. It also opens up course teachers’ access to content files stored in MyUni and helps them repurpose previous content or bring students’ attention to it.

For students: this means you can find information on assignments, lectures and course content quickly and easily.

For teachers: this means you can also search within files (PDFs, MS Office format files, text files and HTML documents), modules, discussions and announcements whether published or unpublished.


Can students view content that is not yet ready to be published?

No, if content has not been linked to the course, this will only be visible to teachers using Search.

No, students will have access and visibility to content once it has been made available, just like normal practice.

What if I have different roles in different courses?

Search is tailored to your role. In courses where you are a teacher, you will have viability to teacher content. For courses where you are a student, you will only have access to student content.

Can I access my finished courses?

Yes, students can search in any course they are enrolled in, even if you have finished the course.

If you’d like to know a little more about Search, contact MyUni Supoort or phone 8313 3000 – Option 3 or visit MyUni Learning Centre.

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