Learning & Teaching Insights

There are a number of tools available to teaching staff that provide insights into student learning, engagement, performance, and demographics. These tools assist in better understanding student learning behaviours and inform improvements to learning design, methods of teaching, and student communication.

New Analytics

New Analytics can be used to assess overall student engagement compared to peers, track specific engagement with resources, and send messages based on student engagement.

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Detailed Course Report

The Detailed Course Report is available for all courses in MyUni, providing teaching staff with an overview of student demographics and previous results. 

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LMS Analytics

LMS Analytics is a dashboard that displays information regarding student engagement across different elements within a course, including pages, modules, assignments, files and more.

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Student Insights

The Student Insights page displays for each individual student a summary of their MyUni activity and that of their peers, which is intended to help them develop self-efficacy and become better self-regulated learners.

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