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Group Learning in a Remote Teaching and Learning Setting

A woman in front of her laptop in a zoom call

Previously in the Learning Cog blog we’ve looked at benefits that students derive from working together in groups. An investigation into group work in MyUni and final grades in semester 1, 2019 found that students who were active group members achieved an average course mark that was over 3% higher than their peers who either weren’t group members or weren’t active within those groups. Furthermore, those extra few percent resulted in a higher grade in a third of cases.

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Why is it Important to Publish Courses On Time?

Frustrated student sitting by the laptop

To scaffold student performance and improve their experience in courses, course coordinators are asked to take an intentional, thoughtful approach to instructional design, development, and on time publishing in MyUni. This will provide the students with the early opportunity to learn about course syllabus, course materials, learning outcomes, learning activities, and more importantly, engage more effectively with their instructors and peers.

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Creating Student Groups Using Demographic, Enrolment and Educational Data

Students around a table

It’s well documented that students derive great benefits from working in groups. From increased individual achievement to enhanced communication and professional development skills, students with experience of Group Learning are likely to find themselves better equipped for whatever path they choose after graduation.

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Designing online demonstrations

A student learning to code

As we come to the end of 2020 and begin to prepare courses for 2021, it might be time to try something new in your online delivery, particularly for courses that are being delivered in the Remote and Dual teaching modes. An incredibly useful teaching technique is to provide them with demonstrations, modeling for students the process of completing a task and the skills and techniques involved. 

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Top 10 Tips for setting up your course for success

A man & a woman working on a computer

Continuing student enrolments commence from 1 December. At the same time courses will be released in MyUni, ready to be set up for teaching.
So, why wait? Make the most of this time to set up some basic items ahead of the study period.

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Laptop statistics

Mobius is a powerful platform that supports innovative teaching, learning and assessment design. It is particularly suited to STEM subjects but can be used effectively and creatively across disciplines.

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What is an Online Short Course?

student typing

The University of Adelaide is investing in a range of learning products to meet a variety of contemporary needs. One of these learning products is Online Short Courses or OSCs.

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(Re)Designing Online Lectures

Lecture Theatre

The rapid and chaotic response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the learning and teaching space is something that should be applauded and learned from. The side effects of rapidly flipping face-to-face courses to online delivery modes has meant that (understandably) - not all of the consideration, time and quality assurance we’d usually give to a learning experience has taken place. 

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Mixed Cohort Tutorials

Students and teacher infront of computer

So, you have a dilemma: you have 30 students and normally run 3 tutorials of 10 each, but 5 students are remote. You can’t afford to run a fourth with only remote students. You need to include them in the 3rd tutorial. But how can it be done in a way that feels like the remote and face to face students are connected as one, are equally engaged in the tutorial, and getting a quality learning experience?

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What can we do about reviving languages and why it matters


To celebrate the release of this new book, Revivalistics: From the Genesis of Israeli to Language Reclamation in Australia and Beyond, we spoke to Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann about what inspired his love for revivalistics, how the events of 2020 will impact language revival and what needs to be done to stop languages from becoming extinct.

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