Bioinformatics uses statistics, mathematics, biology and computer science to create tools to analyse and interpret biological data. These biological data sets are primarily from large scale DNA sequencing experiments. The growth of the interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics is a result of accelerated advancements of DNA sequencing technology, paving the way for world-changing discoveries and development.

Our team of leading academics and researchers will prepare you to thrive in the field where your skills will be in high demand. Throughout study you will:

  • learn a foundation of skills in chemistry, biology and genetics
  • delve into the analysis of data sets and interpretation of the significance of the patterns found
  • learn the underlying theory and skills for design and analysis of genome, transcriptome and epigenomic experiments and datasets
  • be taught different sequencing technologies and an understanding of the algorithms used to align, assemble, and annotate sequence data
  • apply your knowledge to real world problems in human health and agriculture
  • choose approved electives your area of interest

A major in bioinformatics will give you the necessary toolkit to tackle this rapidly growing industry head on. You may find yourself on the forefront of exploring the causes of disease, tracking and analysing viral outbreaks, creating personalised medicine by gathering and analysing thousands of individuals genetic code or even applying your skills in food security research. You can also step into health and agriculture in industry, academia and government departments.

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Last updated: 30 Mar 2020