Innovate at the molecular level. Chemical scientists restructure matter to develop miraculous materials and environmental solutions, analyse to ensure safe drinking water and synthesise medical marvels.

Our teaching and internationally recognised research focus on chemistry in all its forms. You will:

  • understand how to develop new chemical processes and synthesise compounds including polymers, fuels and pharmaceuticals
  • explore environmental and analytical chemistry, as well as materials, medicinal and biological chemistry
  • through practical classes be exposed to new technologies, cutting-edge analytical and characterisation equipment that are influencing the field of chemistry
  • learn directly from award-winning researchers and leaders in the field
  • experience internships, site visits and lecture tours to industrial and analytical sites, or research placements.

Chemistry and chemistry (Double) majors prepare you for careers in a diverse range of areas. These include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries; medical, agricultural and forensic sciences; environmental monitoring and control; mining; nanotechnology; manufacturing and food technology; and teaching. It will also prepare you to work in an industry, government and major research laboratories in related fields.

Degrees that offer this study area

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019