Literature can shape and reflect our views of the world. Learn how to reason and write with artistic merit.

English studies traditionally focuses on close reading of literary texts. As an English student at The University of Adelaide, you will study a range of cultural productions such as books, plays, speeches, scripts and films. Learn how to interpret past and present literary works and how best to communicate your discoveries.

As an English student you will:

  • Learn to think and write critically about literature
  • Interpret texts from different perspectives
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Explore a wide variety of texts from different time periods
  • Discover how literature has affected social views
  • Gain insight into how texts imitate and form individual and societal identities.

The University of Adelaide has a tradition of outstanding teaching: The Department of English and Creative Writing has been recognised for excellence in learning. Our teaching staff are active researchers and writers at the cutting edge of the field. Many of our teachers, including Associate Professor Lucy Potter and Dr Joy McEntee, have won prestigious awards for teaching.

Degrees that offer this study area

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Last updated: 09 Jul 2019